VMware vSphere Datastore Clustering - Quick Guide

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VMware vSphere Datastore Clustering - Quick Guide

VMware vSphere Datastore Clustering - Quick Guide by Ronan Smyth
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A VMware Datastore Cluster provides a flexible pool of storage containing groups of datastores that results in a significant reduction in storage management, the dynamic addition and removal of storage to deal with maintenance and capacity issues and the use of VMware Storage DRS (SDRS). The Storage DRS load balancer automatically manages the initial disk placement on the datastore cluster which simplifies automated provisioning.

vSphere Storage DRS enables vCenter Server to manage datastores as an aggregate pool of storage resources. It moves VMDKs from heavily utilized to less utilized datastores according to preset space and I/O metrics, making efficient storage management more achievable.

This quick guide assume a vCenter managed cluster has already been deployed and at least two datastores have been presented to all hosts in the cluster.