No aircraft carriers at pearl harbor: A victory in war intelligence [Kindle Edition]

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No aircraft carriers at pearl harbor: A victory in war intelligence [Kindle Edition]

No aircraft carriers at pearl harbor: A victory in war intelligence by Shigeru Shiramatsu
English | 5 Mar. 2017 | ASIN: B06XFXTDB9 | 583 Pages | AZW3 | 13.14 MB

–- Praise for Shigeru Shiramatsu –-

It is deeply moving to know that the Pearl Harbor attack will be discussed hereafter as a case of successful strategic deception, rather than as the narrower issue of failure in gathering information. The revision of the history of the Second World War is steadly progressing. I would like to fully congratulate the author, Mr. Shiramatsu.

Ryuichi Kashihara, Intelligence Researcher

Drawing from a multitude of documents found in both Japanese and American archives, this book is the result of a thorough investigation into the Pearl Harbor attack- one that convincingly challenges the conventional theory, which is allegedly based on “ Circumstantial Evidence.”

Kazuhiko Yoshida, Professor Emeritus at Kobe University, Historian

Overcoming the theory of Roosevelt’ s conspiracy by thorough investigation of the facts, this book puts an end to the controversy over the Pearl Harbor attack

Robert B. Stinnett, author of Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor

Mr.Shiramatsu is the first Japanese person to publish a book in English challenging conventional teachings that Pearl Harbor was a treacherous attack. His theory is factually supported by his long and exhaustive research conducted in both countries.

Shouichi Mukaida, Representative of 22 Century Art Co.,LTD

As an independent historian the author convincingly proposes a new historical viewpoint on Pearl Harbor not merely based on conventional Roosevelt conspiracy theories, but rather based on War Intelligence Strategies.

Publisher, Bungei Shunjyuu

–- Comments from author –-

Seventy one years have passed since the war, yet the theory of “Japan’s treacherous attack on the US and the theory of the “Great successful attack by Isoroku Yamamoto” in Japan still occupy the mainstream in each country. We must understand that carrying with us into the next generation a history of the Pearl Harbor attack that adheres to the above streotypes will benefit neither country.

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