First Contact

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First Contact

First Contact by Kay Ellis
English | 2017 | ASIN: B071NP4395 | Pages | EPUB | 183.78 KB

Small town café owner Jack Hale steps in to help a group of homeless teenage boys, not expecting his act of kindness to go any further than giving them a hot meal. But there’s something about Dax. Something that gets under Jack’s skin, making it impossible to turn his back on him. When the town’s Christmas Eve celebrations are interrupted by the arrival of alien ships tearing their way out of the ground, Jack finds himself running for his life with Dax and the small boy Dax saved from certain death.Abandoned at birth, Dax has grown up knowing not to expect too much out of life. They might be fighting for survival, but Jack still takes the time to show Dax that he matters. As they grow closer, Jack realises Dax could be someone special. More than that…he’s something special. Dax doesn’t know it, but he could be mankind’s last hope.