Secure User: Allround IT Security

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Secure User: Allround IT Security

Secure User: Allround IT Security by Mustafa Kahmar
English | 21 May 2017 | ASIN: B071ZF2TPY | 55 Pages | AZW3 | 420.47 KB

Secure User: Allround IT Security is a guide to help you to protect yourself in the digital world. Our data, money, hardware, and privacy are all in danger from the kind of threats that exist online. It is vital to protect ourselves against the many types of dangers which are looking to profit from our inability or unwillingness to protect ourselves.

We hear so much conflicting advice on IT security that it can be difficult for anybody who is not an expert to know what the basic things that they should be concentrating on are. Even worse, some of the advice we hear is conflicting, or too difficult for us to understand. If you are worried about the fact that you do not know where to get started, or worried that you do not understand technical terms, or worried that there are things that you may not have covered, then this guide was written for you. It is not aimed at computer geniuses, but at anybody who uses computers and gadgets.

As the name suggests, the reader is presented with 5 main areas to focus on in order to develop a good protection against most types of threats. The guide has been developed over several years, with actions categorised according to whether they need to be done on a single occasion, every time, or simply performed at regular intervals.

Learn how to protect your finances, data, systems and hardware from attackers.
Learn how to prevent the most common types of breaches.
Learn how to avoid making the most common IT security mistakes.
A comprehensive, all-in-one guide to allround computer and gadget security not availabe anywhere else, presented using simple, easy to understand, non-technical language.
Easy to follow checklists to cover each area of security.