Advanced Excel Formulas Part 1: Excel's Logical Functions

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Advanced Excel Formulas Part 1: Excel's Logical Functions

Advanced Excel Formulas Part 1: Excel's Logical Functions: Excel step-by-step Mastery! Hands-on Tutorials on Excel Formulas and Functions (Advanced Excel Formulas Series) by Grant Gamble
English | 8 Dec. 2017 | ASIN: B0781ZJKVD | 76 Pages | AZW3 | 8.51 MB

The ability to write, understand and maintain complex formulas is the key to mastering Excel. Complex formulas make use of multiple functions to achieve a specific operation; and it is the need to nest one function inside another that can sometimes make Excel formulas seem so impenetrable.

Advanced Excel Formulas is a practical, hands-on series of books which will show you how to create, comprehend and maintain complex Excel formulas; those which use multiple Excel functions in combination.

A key feature of this series is the use of explanatory diagrams; which, for your convenience, are also provided for you in PDF format. You can study them at your leisure. You can print them out; make notes on them; whatever you find useful.
Another key feature of these books is that we write our formulas on multiple lines and make strategic use of indentation. This makes it easier to read complex formulas, since it helps to emphasize the hierarchical relationship between the various functions used in a complex formula.

This first book of the series focuses on Excel’s conditional functions, since these are the most versatile of all Excel’s functions. You will learn how to combine logical function, like IF, IFERROR, OR and AND with other Excel functions, to create complex and insightful formulas.