Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley [Audiobook]

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Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley [Audiobook]

Emily Chang (Author, Narrator),‎ "Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley"
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Bloomberg Technology reporter Emily Chang confronts Silicon Valley's rampant sexism, excluding women from the greatest wealth creation of our generation.

Silicon Valley has long prided itself on being the land of opportunity, where anyone with a big idea can make it a reality, and where the new Masters of the Universe change the world for the better. But the bitter truth is that women have been excluded, marginalized, and harassed from the start. Sexism and the gender gap in Silicon Valley are only getting worse. It's not a utopia - it's a "brotopia" for tech bros.

The scope of tech reporter Emily Chang's Brotopia is wide - from front-page scandals to behind-the-scenes stories that key players reveal directly. Chang reports on the forces conspiring against women in the workplace, and outside of it as well - from sex parties filled with VCs and entrepreneurs and rampant online pornography to outright harassment.

After decades of silence, women are now coming forward to bravely reveal their stories. Sixty percent of women in tech have experienced sexual harassment, but offenders don't get punished - they get excused because they're top performers, aided and abetted by a venture capital boys' club of extremely wealthy and privileged investors. Women in tech suffer devastating consequences, and many consider leaving the industry every day.

Chang explores how this culture came to be, what it means, and what can be done to fix it. She delves into the seedy underbelly of shiny Silicon Valley, weaving together hard-hitting interviews with major influencers like Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Tim Cook, Peter Thiel, Ellen Pao and more. She reveals the secrets that tech companies have tried to hide for years, and offers a fresh set of tangible solutions about what can be done to level the playing field.