Backpack Modeling

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Backpack Modeling

Backpack Modeling | 478.2 mb
Software: modo 401 SP4 or later, Photoshop | Resolution: 1280x720(.mp4) | Audio: mp3 64 Kbps | Completion Time: 02 hrs. 01 min.
Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Intermediate | Language: English | Instructor: Adam O’Hern

Modeling “soft goods” is a key skill for product design visualization. Industrial Designer Adam O’Hern shows you how to create a complex model of a backpack, including all the interesting details, like cords and stitching in our newest modo Training Video. The methods demonstrated by Adam are applicable to a wide range of textile-oriented designs, including handbags, gloves, flexible athletic gear and soft recreation equipment.

As many an industrial designer knows, modo is an excellent tool to illustrate designs for internal design reviews, client approval or marketing. We asked Adam O’Hern to create this video tutorial that walks through many of the real-world tools and techniques that he uses when illustrating his concept designs as a working industrial designer. The design he created is a backpack, which not only offers the opportunity to introduce “soft goods” modeling techniques, it also has some hard bits and interesting details like cords and stitching. The methods used by Adam have applicability to a wide range of textile-oriented designs including handbags, gloves, flexible athletic gear and soft recreational equipment.

This tutorial was developed for modo 401. Users of later versions of modo will find the tutorial useful, but will have to adapt some instructions to new techniques found in more recent versions of modo.

The set includes over two hours of instructional video footage, and also includes incremental step-by-step modo files for each video that let you jump in at any stage. Some Photoshop brushes are also provided as a bonus. This series emphasizes real-world techniques for soft-goods design in modo, including rapid form development, Subdivision surface model detailing, image-based sculpting, texturing, and rendering. The videos are narrated in English and are designed for people with at least an intermediate knowledge of modo.

About Adam O'Hern

Recently we had a chance to interview Adam O’Hern, an industrial design consultant based in Santa Monica, CA. He specializes in corporate visual brand language development, and has worked on products ranging from laptops to power tools, audio gear to bathroom fixtures, lab instruments to lint rollers, and classroom toys to medical robots.

He uses modo and SolidWorks to bring ideas from concept to physical reality, and teaches digital design classes at OTIS and StudioArts in LA. He has published tutorials with 3DWorld Magazine, CGTuts+, and Luxology, where he published the popular Sunglasses and Backpack video tutorials

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Publisher: luxology
Training Course: Backpack Modeling
Instructor: Adam O’Hern
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 478.2 mb

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