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Basics Of Gst In India A Comprehensive Study

Posted By: ELK1nG
Basics Of Gst In India A Comprehensive Study

Basics Of Gst In India A Comprehensive Study
Last updated 6/2021
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Gain insight into Theoretical as well as Practical angle of GST from this course based on CA Intermediate Syllabus

What you'll learn

Understand Basics of GST

Apply GST in Practice


Basic knowledge of Accounting


Note: Please check course curriculum before purchasing, as the contents are added gradually only. Satisfy yourself about the video lectures added so far and ensure it meets your requirement.
Welcome to this course Basics of GST in India A Comprehensive Study. 
India had its one of the major tax reforms since its independence. Yes! That's Goods and Services Tax (GST) implemented with effect from 1st July 2017. GST is the value added tax levied on Manufacture, Sale and Consumption of Goods and Services. Almost every business units taxable under GST are affected. There is a wide knowledge gap and i am sure this course will help you to fill that gap.
In this course you will learn, 
a) Background of GST in India
b) What are Direct and Indirect Taxes
c) Framework of GST Introduced in India
 d) Benefits of GST
e) What is Supply under GST?
f) Charge of GST
g) Exemptions from GST
h) Time and Value of Supply
i) Input Tax Credit
j) Registration under GST
k) Tax Invoices
l) Debit and Credit Note
m) Payment of Tax
n) Returns
All the above concepts will taught with sufficient practical examples.
This course has been structured in self paced learning style. Listen to this course with your headsets attached to your device and if possible make note of key provisions and points in note book for effective revision.
See you inside the course.


Section 1: Introduction to GST in India

Lecture 1 GST in India An Introduction

Lecture 2 Features of Indirect Taxes

Lecture 3 Genesis of GST in India

Lecture 4 Concept of GST

Section 2: Framework of GST in India

Lecture 5 Dual GST and CGST / SGST / UTGST / IGST

Lecture 6 Legislative Framework for GST

Lecture 7 Classification of Goods and Services HSN Code

Lecture 8 Registration

Lecture 9 Composition Scheme

Lecture 10 Exemptions

Lecture 11 Manner of utilisation of Input Tax Credit

Lecture 12 Seamless flow of Credit

Lecture 13 GST Common Portal

Lecture 14 GSP / ASP in GST

Lecture 15 What is GST Compensation Cess?

Lecture 16 Goods not subjected to GST

Lecture 17 Taxes subsumed in GST

Lecture 18 Benefits of GST

Section 3: Simple Case Studies on Intra State and Interstate GST

Lecture 19 Example for Intra State Supply

Lecture 20 Example for Inter State Supply

Section 4: Constitutional Provisions

Lecture 21 Constitutional Provisions

Lecture 22 Article 265 & Article 245

Lecture 23 Seventh Schedule to Article 246

Lecture 24 Article 269A Levy and Collection of GST on Inter State Supply

Lecture 25 Definition of Goods and Service Tax, Services, State and Goods under Article 366

Lecture 26 GST Council Article 279A

Section 5: Registration

Lecture 27 Registration under Indirect Tax Regime

Lecture 28 GST Registration - An Intro

Lecture 29 Definition of Agent and Place of Business

Lecture 30 Definition of Agriculturist and Exempt Supply

Lecture 31 Definition of Business

Lecture 32 Defintion of Fixed Establishment

Lecture 33 Persons liable for Registration

Lecture 34 Analysis of Aggregagte Turnover

Lecture 35 Simple Case Studies based on Aggregate Turnover

Lecture 36 Analysis of Section 22 Persons liable for Registration

Lecture 37 Compulsory Registration in certain cases Sec 24

Lecture 38 Taxable Person

Lecture 39 Persons not liable for registration

Lecture 40 Procedure for GST Registration Sec 25

Lecture 41 Deemed Registration Sec 26

Lecture 42 Special Provisions for Casual Taxable Person and Non Resident Taxable Person

Lecture 43 Analysis of Registration

Lecture 44 Analysis of Voluntary Registration

Lecture 45 Analysis of Distinct Persons / Establishment of Disticnt Persons

Lecture 46 PAN & UIN in GST

Lecture 47 Suo motu registration by Proper Officer (Sec 25(8) read with Rule 16)

Lecture 48 Analysis of Procedure for Registration

Lecture 49 Application for registration by SEZ

Lecture 50 GST Registration Procedure Diagram

Lecture 51 Information required while filing application for registration

Lecture 52 Physical Verification of Business Premises after Grant of Registration

Lecture 53 Display of Registration Certificate & GSTIN on Name Board

Lecture 54 Effective Date of Registration

Lecture 55 Special Provisions for Grant of Registration - Casual Taxable Person and Non Res

Section 6: Amendment of Registration

Lecture 56 Amendment of Registration Sec 28

Lecture 57 Analysis of Provisions relating to Amendment of Registration

Lecture 58 Permission of Proper Officer for Amendment in Registration

Lecture 59 Flow of Request & Approval for Change in GST Registration

Section 7: Cancellation of Registration

Lecture 60 Cancellation of Registration Sec 29

Lecture 61 Recovation of Cancellation of Registration Sec 30

Lecture 62 Analysis of Circumstances when GST Registration is liable for cancellation

Lecture 63 Analysis of Procedure for Cancellation of Registration

Lecture 64 Analayis of Reversal of Credit

Lecture 65 Other critical points in Cancellation

Lecture 66 Analysis of Revocation of Cancellation of Registration

Section 8: Supply under GST

Lecture 67 Introduction to Supply under GSt

Lecture 68 Defintion of Goods wrt GST

Lecture 69 Defintion of Agent wrt GST

Lecture 70 Defintion of Business wrt GST

Lecture 71 Defintion of Principal and Consideration wrt GST

Lecture 72 Defintion of Actionable Claim wrt GST

Lecture 73 Defintion of Manufacture wrt GST

Lecture 74 Definition of Money wrt GST

Lecture 75 Defintion of Taxable Supply & Taxable Territory wrt GST

Lecture 76 Defintion of Person wrt GST

Lecture 77 Definiton of Recipient wrt GST

Lecture 78 Defintion of Services wrt GST

Lecture 79 Defintion of Supplier wrt GST

Lecture 80 Statutory Provisions related to Concept of Supply

Lecture 81 Meaning and Scope of Supply as per Section 7

Lecture 82 Supply for consideration in courser of furtherance of business (Sec 7(1)(a)

Lecture 83 Sale and Transfer as Mode of Supply

Lecture 84 Barter and Exchange as Mode of Supply

Lecture 85 License, Lease, Rental as Mode of Supply

Lecture 86 Consideration

Lecture 87 In Course of Furtherance of Business

Lecture 88 Supply by a Taxable Person in GST

Lecture 89 Importation of Services for consideration whether or not in course or furtheranc

Lecture 90 Deemed Supply (Supply without consideration Sec 7(1)©

Lecture 91 Permanent Transfer / Disposal of Business Assets

Lecture 92 Supply between related person or distinct persons

Lecture 93 Gifts by Employer to Employee and its GST Impact

Lecture 94 Supply between Principal and Agent and impact on GST

Lecture 95 Importation of Services and its impact on GST

Lecture 96 Activities to be treated as supply of goods or services (Sec 7(1)(d)

Lecture 97 Transfer - Supply of Service / Goods under GST?

Lecture 98 Land and Building lease / rental - Supply of Service / Goods under GST?

Lecture 99 Treatment or Process - Supply of Service / Goods under GST?

Lecture 100 Transfer of Business Assets - Supply of Service / Goods under GST?

Lecture 101 Renting of Immoveble Property, Constrution - Supply of Service / Goods under GST

Lecture 102 IPR & IT Software - Supply of Service / Goods under GST?

Lecture 103 Agreeing to Obligation & Transfer of Right to Use - Supply of Service / Goods un

Lecture 104 Composite Supplies - Supply of Service / Goods under GST?

Lecture 105 Supply of Goods by Unincorporated Association / Body of Persons - Supply of Serv

Lecture 106 Tax Liability on Composite & Mixed Supplies

Lecture 107 Analysis of Composite & Mixed Supply

Lecture 108 What is Composite Supply and how to determine Tax Liability?

Lecture 109 Mixed Suppy and its Tax Treatment

Section 9: Tax Invoice, Credit & Debit Notes

Lecture 110 Introduction to Invoices under GST Regime

Lecture 111 Defintion of Credit Note, Debit Note & Continuous Supply of Goods & Services

Lecture 112 Defintion of Document & Exempt Supply

Lecture 113 Preamble of Section 31 Tax Invoice

Lecture 114 When to Invoice Supply of taxable goods in GST?

Lecture 115 When to Invoice Supply of taxable services in GST?

Lecture 116 When to Invoice Continous Supply of Goods in GST?

Lecture 117 When to Invoice Continous Suppy of Services in GST?

Lecture 118 When to Invoice if supply of service ceases before completion of supply?

Lecture 119 When to Invoice if Goods are sent / taken on approval for Sale or Return?

Lecture 120 Time limit for issuance of Revised Invoice from Effective Date of Registration

Lecture 121 Whether Tax Invoice required for supply less than Rs.200?

Lecture 122 Invoice Provisions relevant for person paying Tax under Section 10?

Lecture 123 What are the documents to be issued when advance received / advance recevied ser

Lecture 124 Provisions regarding issuance of Invoice / Payment Voucher for supply received f

Lecture 125 Analyis of Tax Invoice

Lecture 126 Analysis of Time limit for Issuance of GST Invoice by Registered Person supplyin

Lecture 127 Analysis of Time limit for Issuance of GST Invoice by Registered Person supplyin

Lecture 128 Time limit for issuance of Invoice for Taxable Services between Distinct Persons

Lecture 129 Examples for Time limit for Issue of Invoice

Lecture 130 Particulars of GST Tax Invoice

Lecture 131 Who should mention HSN Code and how it should be numbered?

Lecture 132 Manner of Issuing GST Invoice

Lecture 133 Revised Tax Invoice under GST

Lecture 134 When Tax Invoice need not be issued under GST?

Lecture 135 When Consolidated Invoice can be issued under GST?

Lecture 136 What is Bill of Supply in GST?

Lecture 137 What is Receipt Voucher in GST?

Lecture 138 What is Refund Vouhcer in GST?

Lecture 139 Issue of Invoice and Payment Voucher by Recipient under Reverse Charge Mechanism

Lecture 140 Supplier permitted to issue any document other than Tax invoice

Lecture 141 Delivery challan

Lecture 142 Goods transported in SKD/CKD condition

Lecture 143 Credit note

Lecture 144 Debit Note

Section 10: Levy & Collection

Lecture 145 Introduction to Levy & collection of GST

Lecture 146 Composition Levy

Lecture 147 Case 1 Composition Levy

Lecture 148 Case 2 Composition Levy

Lecture 149 Case 3 Composition Levy

Lecture 150 Case 4 Composition Levy

Lecture 151 Case 5 Composition Levy

Lecture 152 Conditions & Restrictions for composition Levy

Lecture 153 Intimation for composition Levy & Effective Date

Lecture 154 Case study - Effective Date of Registration for Composition Levy

Lecture 155 Composition Rate of Tax

Lecture 156 Validity of Composition Levy

Lecture 157 Filing of Return under composition Levy

Lecture 158 Various forms for composition levy

Lecture 159 Power to Grant Exemption from Tax

Lecture 160 Exampt Supply

Lecture 161 Case 6 composition Levy

Lecture 162 Case 7 composition Levy

Lecture 163 Absolute, Conditional & Eremption by Special order

Lecture 164 Goods & services exemted from GST

Lecture 165 Case study on GST liability

Lecture 166 list of service exempt from IGST

Lecture 167 Services received by NGo & its taxability

Lecture 168 Tax ability of NGO Case study

Lecture 169 Taxability on services by way of Transfer of going conern

Lecture 170 Taxability of services provided in relation to fuction entrusted to panchayat/ m

Lecture 171 list of services specifically exempted

Lecture 172 case study 1 Exempted services

Lecture 173 Case study 2 Exempted Services

Lecture 174 Case 3 Exempted supply

Lecture 175 GST on penalty?

Lecture 176 Exemption for Pure Labour Services for Housing Scheme

Lecture 177 Exemption for construction (single residence) and renting of residence

Lecture 178 Taxability of Renting of Residential House

Lecture 179 Taxability of Religious / Charitable Activities

Lecture 180 Case 1 Taxability of Religious / Charitable Activities

Lecture 181 Case 2 Taxability of Religious / Charitable Activities

Lecture 182 Taxability of Services provided by Hotels, Inn, Guest House, Club, Camp Site, et

Lecture 183 Case 1 Taxability of Services provided by Hotels, Inn, Guest House, Club, Camp S

Lecture 184 GST Liability computation for last problem

Lecture 185 Introduction to Reverse Charge Mechanism

Lecture 186 Reverse charge when goods are supplied by Goods Transport Agency (GTA)

Lecture 187 Other category of supply of service under Reverse Charge - Part 1

Lecture 188 Other category of supply of service under Reverse Charge - Part 2

Lecture 189 Reverse charge - Supply of specified categories of goods

Section 11: Accounts & Records Under GST

Lecture 190 Accounts & Records Part 1

Lecture 191 Accounts & Records Rule 56 (1) (2) & (3)

Lecture 192 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(4)

Lecture 193 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(5)

Lecture 194 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(6) & (7)

Lecture 195 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(8)

Lecture 196 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(9) & (10)

Lecture 197 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(11)

Lecture 198 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(12) & (13)

Lecture 199 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(14)

Lecture 200 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(15) & (16)

Lecture 201 Accounts & Records Under Rule 56(17) & (18)

Lecture 202 Compulsory Audit under GST

Lecture 203 Period for Retention of Accounts

Section 12: Input Tax Credit

Lecture 204 Introduction to Input Tax Credit

Lecture 205 Defintion of Input, Input Service, Input Tax & Input Credit

Lecture 206 Overview of Input Tax Credit

Lecture 207 Eligibility to avail Input Tax Credit

Lecture 208 Step by step approach of flow of Input Tax Credit

Lecture 209 Utilisation of Input Tax Credit

Lecture 210 Computaton of Tax Liability after GST Set Off

Lecture 211 Conditions for taking Input Tax Credit

Lecture 212 Depreciation claimed on Tax Component - ITC Not available

Lecture 213 Time limit available for claiming ITC

Lecture 214 Tax Invoice / Debit Note for claiming ITC

Lecture 215 Case Study - No ITC on tax paid under demand on account of fraud / wilful missta

Lecture 216 No ITC on Advance Payments

Lecture 217 Case Study - ITC on Goods received in Installments

Lecture 218 Case Study - ITC on tax paid under demand on account of fraud

Lecture 219 Return u/s 39 must for claiming ITC

Lecture 220 Reversal of Input Tax Credit - Explanation & Case Study

Lecture 221 Case Study - ITC Claim Date

Lecture 222 Apportionment of Input Tax Credit

Lecture 223 Methodology of Apportionment of Credits on Inputs & Input Services & Reversal

Section 13: Audit Under GST

Lecture 224 Introduction to Audit under GST

Lecture 225 Audit by Chartered Accountant or cost Accountant

Lecture 226 Audit by Tax Authorities (GST)

Lecture 227 Special Audit under GST

Section 14: Payment of Tax

Lecture 228 Electronic Cash Ledger - An Introduction

Lecture 229 What is CPIN / CIN / BRN / E-FPB

Lecture 230 Manner of utilising amount reflected in Electronic Cash Ledger

Lecture 231 Electronic Credit Ledger - An Introduction

Lecture 232 Manner of Utilisation of Input Tax Credit - Example

Lecture 233 Electronic Liability Register

Lecture 234 Interest on delayed payment of GST

Lecture 235 Tax wrongfully collected and Paid to Central Government / State Goverment - Solu

Section 15: Returns

Lecture 236 Introduction to Returns

Lecture 237 Furnishing Details of Outward Supplies

Lecture 238 Details of Outward Supplies to be furnished in GSTR-1

Lecture 239 Amendment of Details of Outward Supply furnished in prior periods

Lecture 240 GSTR-1 Miscellaneous Points

Lecture 241 Return under section 39 (GSTR 3)

Lecture 242 Cancellation fo Registration of Taxable Person (Composition / Others)

Lecture 243 GSTR-5 Return for Non Resident Taxable Persons

Lecture 244 TDS in GST

Lecture 245 GSTR-9 Annual Return (Sec 44)

Lecture 246 GSTR-11 Details of Inward Supplies of persons having UIN

Lecture 247 Default in furnishin return [Sec 46 & 47]

Lecture 248 GST Practioners (Sec 48)

Lecture 249 What is the procedure for enrolment as GSTP?


Lecture 250 Introduction to Tax Invoice

Lecture 251 Time limit for issuing tax invoice for supply of taxable goods

Lecture 252 Time limit for issuing tax invoice for supply of taxable services

Lecture 253 When Invoice should be issued in case of cessation of services before completion

Lecture 254 When tax invoice shoudl be issued in case of Goods sent on Approval Basis

Lecture 255 Bonus Lecture

CA Intermediate Students,CMA Inter Students,CS Executive Students,Finance / Accounting Managers