Beginning Wing Chun: Why Wing Chun Works

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Beginning Wing Chun: Why Wing Chun Works

Beginning Wing Chun: Why Wing Chun Works
published by The Peacenik Press | 2002 | ISBN: 1840245468 | 160 pages | PDF | 8,14 MB

Wing Chun, also known as Ving Tsun and Wing Tsun, is a system of Chinese kung fu. Originally a secret family system,
this sophisticated art was passed on to relatives and close, trusted friends. The effectiveness of Wing Chun as a functional fighting method is well documented; it has been honed over the years to be simple, direct and effective. Wing Chun employs its unique understanding of bio-mechanics, angles and sensitivity to overcome aggression. The exercises are scientific in approach, and training can be carried out in a friendly atmosphere of co-operation as opposed to one of competition. With regular and correct training, it is possible for a novice to become competent within one year, although, as with any true art, practical
ability is only the beginning. There is always room for deeper exploration, further development and personal interpretation.