The Blackwell Companion to Syntax (5 Volume Set)

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The Blackwell Companion to Syntax (5 Volume Set)

Martin Everaert, Henk Van Riemsdijk, Rob Goedemans, Bart Hollebrandse, "The Blackwell Companion to Syntax (5 Volume Set)"
Wiley-Blackwell 2006 | ISBN: 1405114851 | 3285 pages | PDF | 25,5 MB

“The Blackwell Companion to Syntax, unique in character and designed with great skill and care, is sure to be a rich source of high-quality information on critically important topics, and an invaluable research tool for the study of language.” Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology <!–end–>

“For any serious researcher interested in theoretical linguistics, this incredible Companion will remain an important and extremely useful source of reference for years to come.”
Yukio Otsu, Keio University, Tokyo

“These volumes provide a comprehensive overview of the progress and achievements made in syntax over the last forty years. A galaxy of international stars under the leadership of two distinguished linguists, Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk, has constructed an unparalleled and monumental survey of empirical facts and theoretical insights covering the entire field. Whether you are interested in parasitic gaps, Icelandic logophors, or quantifier scope ambiguity, you will find here the essential background to your own contribution. This is a major achievement and the Companion will rapidly become essential reading for all serious linguists.”
Neil Smith, University College London

“The flow of linguistic theory is shaped by the empirical puzzles of the rocks and the banks of the river bed. Any particular rock will have different effects at different points in the river. This Companion assembles the empirical puzzles and that is an enormously valuable service: it enables readers to understand why particular puzzles were of interest at particular stages in the development of theory and it assembles the puzzles into a compendium, in the belief that puzzles need solutions at every point in the development of theory, even if the shape of the solutions changes significantly at different stages of theoretical development. The compendium of puzzles will be a great resource for young investigators, joining the river at some point and wanting to know what was upstream as they find their way downstream.”
David Lightfoot, Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA

"Pioneering, illuminating work, readily accessible by anyone willing to apply their minds. Essential, long term stock for all academic libraries"
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Product Description
This monumental reference resource offers a comprehensive survey of the field of syntax as it has been studied over the last 40 years. Made up of 70 extensive case studies written by 80 of the world’s leading linguists, it gives a complete overview of the empirical facts and theoretical insights gleaned in syntactic research in recent decades.Under the editorial direction of Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemskijk, this comprehensive multi-volume set comprises case studies commissioned specifically for this volume. Contributors are drawn from an international group of prestigious linguists, including Joe Emonds, Sandra Chung, Susan Rothstein, Adriana Belletti, Jim Huang, Howard Lasnik, and Marcel den Dikken, among many others.Each set features an accessible alphabetical structure, with an index integral to each volume. The entire Companion is also available electronically on the accompanying CD Rom. Published within the prestigious Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics series, this significant reference work can be relied upon to deliver the quality and expertise with which this series – and Blackwell Publishing’s linguistics list more broadly – is associated.

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