Boosting The Adolescent Underachiever

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Boosting The Adolescent Underachiever

Victor Cogen, “Boosting The Adolescent Underachiever”
Da Capo Press | 1992 | ISBN: 0306443287 | 288 pages | PDF | 7,6 MB

After his stunning debut with Boosting the Underachiever: How Busy Parents Can Unlock Their Child's Potential, Dr. Victor Cogen, this time, focuses his unique vision on inspiring the adolescent underachiever - a normal, healthy teenager who just isn't getting the grades he or she should. Here, Dr. Cogen tackles the intricacies of the adolescent mind. His innovative approach goes beyond the stereotypical views of the teenage personality and teaches parents how they can personally take advantage of their adolescent's developing cognitive and emotional abilities. Adolescents are trapped between a world of fantasy created to help them escape from failure, and a growing need to become part of the real world of adults. This breathtaking book explains how to appeal to the developing and sensitive people these children are becoming and discover the source of their poor scholastic records. Publishers Weekly hailed Cogen's earlier book: "Practical, jargon-free, the book offers realistic hope to parents willing to invest time helping their 'C student' children." This book does the same for adolescents, a group known for shirking school work in pursuit of peer approval. Dr. Cogen underscores the crucial yet often overlooked role of emotion in learning - as both a positive and negative force. Using true-to-life scenarios and practical advice, Dr. Cogen - a leading psycho-educational consultant - presents a comprehensive program that will teach critical analytical skills and improve teenagers' self-perception so that they can overcome the emotional obstacles hampering their intellectual progress. The crux of Dr. Cogen's program requires the aid of a family roundtable discussion group. These sessions, as he describes, will encourage independent thinking as well as other qualities essential for a successful academic career. Rewards, cajoling, and threats may provide a temporary patch to cover a festering and far more dangerous wound. Parents cannot simply tell their adolescent

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