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Brickfilming 101

Posted By: ELK1nG
Brickfilming 101

Brickfilming 101
Last updated 9/2020
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How To Create Stop Motion Animation Film with Plastic Construction Toys

What you'll learn


Brickfilming Tips

Brickfilming Lessons

How to Do Brickfilming


No experience necessary - All levels welcome - Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced


Hello aspiring filmmaker, my name is Kristian Stenslie, and this is my course on Brickfilming: a particular art of stop-motion animation. If you are reading this, you are likely interested in taking up brickfilming, or perhaps you are just starting out. In either case, I encourage you to check out what I offer in this course and see if it’s for you.I designed this course for both beginning and advanced brickfilmers. My first lessons cover the basics: what a brickfilm is, how to write a compelling plot for your film, what you need and what you might want in your studio, and what kind of software you should learn to use. After you’ve got your pre-production bases covered, I have lessons on the important principles of animation: principles that separate the pros from the amateurs. Then, I cover novice and advanced editing and VFX techniques, and I show you how to design your sound. Finally, I give you the knowledge that will help you publish successfully and hopefully be discovered on Youtube and the web. I have laid out the table of contents for my course below.But why should you listen to me? What makes me so qualified? I’ll share my background. I have been an avid brickfilmer myself for over a decade, and have learned new skills and gained new knowledge with each project. If my time spent animating isn’t convincing enough, it might be worth mentioning that I have in that time amassed tens of thousands of subscribers and almost 24 million channel views. In this course, I have condensed that decade of knowledge into an hour and a half of practical information paired with meaningful visual content that will show you how to achieve the same results.If that sounds good to you, simply click the link below to get the online course. Thank you and I'll see you on the inside. Take care!Brickfilming 101 Table of ContentsIntroductionWhat is a brickfilm?Tutorial overviewRequired materialsPlanning your brickfilmWhat story will you tell?Writing your scriptStoryboardingPreparing your studioLights, Camera…Set-building tricksMinimum software requirementsAnimationUnderstanding frame ratesImportant principles of animationAdvanced animationVFX magicCompositingTracking and KeyframesGradingThe Music of SoundSound effectsSoundtrack selectionAchieving proper balancePublishing your masterpieceTitles and CreditsDesigning an enticing thumbnailDescriptions, tags, and keywordsSend off


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Part 1 - Introduction

Lecture 2 Part 2 - Planning your brickfilm

Lecture 3 Part 3 - Preparing your studio

Lecture 4 Part 4 - Animation

Lecture 5 Part 5 - VFX magic

Lecture 6 Part 6 - The Music of Sound

Lecture 7 Part 7 - Publishing your masterpiece

Lecture 8 Part 8 - Send off

Lecture 9 About the Expert

Brickfilming Enthusiasts