«Bright Shadows» by Alana Church

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«Bright Shadows» by Alana Church

«Bright Shadows» by Alana Church
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Rachel Wainwright is a mortal woman who has become the host of Althea, an immortal succubus, a being of desire, passion, and sex. Now aware of the woman who shares her mind, Rachel searches for Althea's body, seeking to restore her to her physical form.

But evil is stirring. A dark force grows aware that Althea is vulnerable. Unaware of the danger, Rachel and her family embark on a journey of sexual exploration. Sarah, Rachel's teenage daughter, finds herself torn between opposing desires. Will it be Jeremy, Rachel's sexy intern, who wins her heart? Or will she give in to another, more primal need? And Alex and Maria find their hearts tested, too, as a trip to the hospital to visit Althea's body turns hot.

Because when you bask in the light of a succubus, you will find she casts Bright Shadows.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“She's very beautiful, isn't she, senora?” Maria said softly as the last nurse bustled cheerfully out of the room, closing the door behind him with a quiet click. She drifted over to stand beside her, looking down at Althea. “You must care for her very much.”

Rachel fought against a flood-tide of jealousy, bitter as gall, at the thought of another person finding Althea attractive. Ashamed of her own reaction, she took a deep breath to forestall a sharp reply. In her mind, she could sense amusement as Althea watched her struggle.

“Yes, she is. And yes, I do. I hope that someday soon you will have the chance to meet her,” she said. “In a very real way, she is the reason why we are all so much happier now than we were a few weeks ago.”

“Seriously?” Alex asked. He joined Maria at the bedside. “She convinced you to…to…”

“To stop being an insufferable tight-ass who was making her family miserable?” she finished, raising her eyebrows. “Yes. She did. The first time I took her advice was a few weeks ago, when I came home after that traffic accident. You were telling me about Othello. I was just about piss on your parade again, when I heard her voice in my head.” She smiled at Althea's mental snort. “And instead of ruining everyone's meal, I actually listened to you for once.

“Since then, I've taken her advice more and more often. And look where we are now. Not quite all one big, happy family,” she said with a glance at Maria. “But getting there.”

“Wow,” Alex said. He shuffled his feet uncomfortably. “I guess we owe her a lot.”

“We do,” Rachel said with a nod. She sniffed, aware of a growing aroma in the air. Maria's hip was warm where it touched her shoulder.

And she was growing warm as well. The faint scent of Althea, combined with the presence of two healthy, happy, horny young people, was beginning to turn her on, despite the cold hospital air and the decidedly unromantic setting. And she had a sneaking suspicion that merely being in Althea's presence was a potent aphrodisiac in and of itself. That would certainly explain how she had no lack of partners over the centuries.

Would you mind?

~Mind? Lucifer's Balls, if I hadn't thought you'd hit the roof I would have suggested it myself! What's hotter than some public action?~ Althea giggled merrily. ~Plus, with my body here, maybe I can send a little power over to it, so it stays healthy. Hospitals are awful places. Full of sickness and disease. Gross.~

Rachel moved her arm, letting it curl around Maria's knee, then travel up the inside of her thigh. Her skin was warm and smooth under her fingers, and she smiled inwardly as she heard Maria give a cut-off moan. Her legs came together, trapping her hand in a gentle vise.

“Tell me, Maria,” she said, letting her voice drop into a deeper register, assuming her role as Mistress of the Household. “Are you wearing panties today?”

“No, Mistress,” Maria breathed.

“Good,” she said. “I am glad you are following my instructions. Alex,” she continued as her fingers continued their upwards journey. “Please close the blinds there on the door. I don't want people looking in on us.

“Now, Maria,” she purred. “I want you to hold very still. And Alex is going to take your clothes off.”