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Build A To Do List App With React Native And Firebase

Posted By: ELK1nG
Build A To Do List App With React Native And Firebase

Build A To Do List App With React Native And Firebase
Published 2/2023
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In this course I will dive deep into the process of making Mobile Apps with React Native and Firebase as well as Expo!

What you'll learn

React Developers looking to learn React Native

React Native Developers looking to Learn Firebase

JavaScript Developers looking to Learn React Native Firebase

Coders looking to level up with React Native and Firebase


Beginner Level Knowledge of React js


In this React Native course you will learn how to build a mobile app with React Native and Firebase. Over the course of this course I will be implementing a To Do List Application. You are allowed to code along in this course and put the To Do List Application on your App Developer Portfolio!If you are wonder how to become an app developer with no experience here is your opportunity to begin today! Of course this course might not be the best first coding course for you if you are just starting out. Before learning React Native and Firebase I suggest you learn the basics of JavaScript and React js. After this is also good to start learning more FrontEnd before taking the course.This course is a suitable suggestion on how to make money from mobile apps. Step one of making money with mobile apps is to learn how to use the underlying technologies behind the Mobile App.  Again, in this course you will be learning how to make a mobile app from scratch!So: if you are ready to begin your training for your career in App Development then join this Mobile App Development Training. Whether you want to learn how to build your own apps or become a Freelance Mobile Developer or you want to work at a Company or Startup that uses React Native:  the first step is to learn the underlying technologies involved in building Mobile Apps. That being said I am pleased to have to you join the course. Let's go!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Required Materials

Lecture 3 How to Succeed

Section 2: Setting up the Project

Lecture 4 Installing Expo

Lecture 5 Installing with NPM

Lecture 6 Displaying the Home Page

Section 3: Implementing Firebase into React Native

Lecture 7 Setting up Firebase

Section 4: Building the UI for the To Do List App

Lecture 8 Installing React Native Paper

Lecture 9 Installing Styled Components

Lecture 10 Building the Styled Container

Lecture 11 Building the Styled Navbar

Lecture 12 Building the Styled List

Lecture 13 Adding the App Logic

Lecture 14 Building the Styled List Item

Section 5: Building the Logic for the To Do List App

Lecture 15 Setting up the Services Folder

Lecture 16 Creating the Get All Tasks Function

Lecture 17 Creating the Get One Task Function

Lecture 18 Creating the CreateTask Function

Lecture 19 Creating the UpdateTask Function

Lecture 20 Creating the DeleteTask Function

Section 6: Deployment to iOS Store

Lecture 21 Build for iOS

Section 7: Deployment to Android Store

Lecture 22 Build for Android

Section 8: Wrap Up

Lecture 23 Wrap Up

Coders looking to Skill up on React Native and Firebase