C+ + for Programmers

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C+ + for Programmers

Paul J. Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel, "C+ + for Programmers"
Prentice Hall PTR | 2009-02-02 | ISBN: 0137001304 | 1056 pages | CHM | 4,8 MB

Classes, Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism
Integrated OOP Case Studies: Time, GradeBook, Employee
Industrial-Strength, 95-Page OOD/UML® 2 ATM Case Study
Standard Template Library (STL): Containers, Iterators and Algorithms
I/O, Types, Control Statements, Functions
Arrays, Vectors, Pointers, References
String Class, C-Style Strings
Operator Overloading, Templates
Exception Handling, Files
Bit and Character Manipulation
Boost Libraries and the Future of C++
GNU™ and Visual C++® Debuggers
And more…
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The professional programmer’s DEITEL® guide to C++ and object-oriented application development
Written for programmers with a background in high-level language programming, this book applies the Deitel signature live-code approach to teaching programming and explores the C++ language and C++ Standard Libraries in depth. The book presents the concepts in the context of fully tested programs, complete with syntax shading, code highlighting, code walkthroughs and program outputs. The book features 240 C++ applications with over 15,000 lines of proven C++ code, and hundreds of tips that will help you build robust applications.
Start with an introduction to C++ using an early classes and objects approach, then rapidly move on to more advanced topics, including templates, exception handling, the Standard Template Library (STL) and selected features from the Boost libraries. You’ll enjoy the Deitels’ classic treatment of object-oriented programming and the OOD/UML® 2 ATM case study, including a complete C++ implementation. When you’re finished, you’ll have everything you need to build object-oriented C++ applications.

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