Pauline Frommer's Cancun&the Yucatan

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Pauline Frommer's Cancun&the Yucatan

Christine Delsol, “Pauline Frommer's Cancun&the Yucatan”
Frommers | 2008-11-03 | ISBN: 0470287896 | 320 pages | PDF | 2,5 MB

Spend less, see more. This is the philosophy behind Pauline Frommer’s guides. Written by travel expert Pauline Frommer (who is also the daughter of Arthur Frommer), and her team of hand-picked writers, these guides show how to truly experience a culture, meet locals, and save money along the way.
Industry secrets on how to find the best hotel rooms
Details on alternative accommodations, great neighborhood restaurants, and cool, offbeat finds
Packed with personality and opinions

Spend Less and See More in Cancun & the Yucatan

Are You Ready to Travel Smart?

If you'd like to get the most out of your dollar and your trip, this is the guide for you. I put a fresh spin on budget travel, showing you how to see the best for less and how to see it in a more authentic way–the way the locals do.

Instead of spending $300 a night for a chain hotel in Cancun, why not stay at Hotel El Rey del Caribe, where the electricity is solar powered and the breakfasts are free, for just $75 a night? Plus, you'll learn the tips of the trade to scoring big on resort sales and packages.

I'll steer you away from the bland Americanized menus and tell you where to find the region’s simple, ultra-fresh cooking, from just-caught fish and lobster grilled on the beach to hand-pressed tortillas stuffed with the local speciality, spicy cochinita pibil.

Let me show you the "other" Cancun–the one only insiders know about. Hunt for recently unearthed Mayan ruins or learn Spanish the easy way–-while living with a Mexican family. These are only a few of the great ways to get closer to the culture of this dynamic region. Read on for more!

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