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Certified Alternative Healing Practitioner| Accredited

Posted By: ELK1nG
Certified Alternative Healing Practitioner| Accredited

Certified Alternative Healing Practitioner| Accredited
Last updated 1/2023
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Become A Soul Care Provider, Get a Healing Certificate. Be a Spiritual Counselor, Comfort Others, Positive Psychology!

What you'll learn


How to approach a Soul Care Session

"Therapy For Yourself" & Learn The most common Therapy topics and how to address them with a client

How to analyze internal dialogues, understanding the differences between problem orientation -vs- solution orientation

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approaches (incorporated into discussion & overall strategies)

Beginning Guided Image Therapy from Gestalt Psychotherapy approaches (facing the present moment), with video introduction, sample session & PDF.

Living mindfully and the differences between unconscious and conscious living

How labels canonize and paralyze people in their issues

The differences between getting better and feeling better, and how to achieve long term changes

How to use audit forms to help clients audit and self-govern themselves through self-administered questions

Knowing how and which questions to ask during the therapy session (Questionnaire Guides & Conversational Lecture)

Learning what occurs in a therapy session, using many different therapy approaches and the distinctions between them

Learning your role as an Alternative Healing Therapist, and the clients role

Learn the art of asking questions conversationally and add these techniques to existing modalities and practices


Previous certifications in healing work and healing modalities is helpful, but not required. (i.e. basic math before algebra)

Interest in being a Spiritual Counselor and offering Soul Care Therapy

Interest in healing, or to be in service of helping others heal

Interest in receiving therapy & counseling (Must therapize yourself in this course to then help others)

Interest in self-healing, growth, and being honest with yourself and where you are

Study of, and students in, any healing modality, energy work, body work, Traditional Chinese Medicine and more

Interest in administering healing, and being of service to humanity

Must be O.R.A: Open, Receptive, and Appreciative of this process. It may hit nerves in your own development. Be prepared to look in, not blame anyone else.


INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIEDAdd Soul Care Therapy/Spiritual Counseling to your practice. This course will add profound mental and emotional training to the psychological side of healing, counseling those who come to us for healing in addition to Reiki, Chakra Work, Seichim, Thai Chi and any other healing modality you practice. Whether you are interested in holistic healing and are starting your journey, or if you have been involved in healing and are realizing there is a need to understand the mind and psychological side of healing to be paired with your current modality, this is the course for you. I offer you my wisdom and knowledge of over 20 years of healing work, and share this information in a conversational way, and through story telling. There are also PDF guides alone the way. This is not a pie chart/graph course. My style of teaching in through experience sharing, storytelling and conversational lectures. Also, a little silliness! This work is non-exhaustive because it is work that never ends. You will leave with much knowledge, and much to continue learning. Work on the soul is not finite, but an infinite endeavor. The real work begins when you leave the course and begin to see it in action with clients and in your own implementation. Disclaimer: this course could also trigger your belief systems and excuses if there are any in there. If they are there, and a trigger comes up, look within and process it and ask why. If you resort to negativity and blame you are taking a longer, harder path to recovery and wisdom.I myself realized the demand to "unpack" the feelings and experiences that arise from doing healing work such as Reiki, Seichim and Chakra work. As I did more and more healing work on others, my emails, calls and texts began to increase needing to talk more about the session to understand what was happening to them and "talk through" the healing. Because this became such a demand, I had to create a way to control the life work balance, this was essential to not deplete my own energy and that which I give to my family. I created Soul Care Sessions, allowing people to book appointments with me. As I continued to see need, I continued to educate myself in the processes of the mind to heal, using Spiritual Counseling, psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Gestalt Psychotherapy, all of which I am certified in. This course teaches a cumulative study of all these topics with a foundation in Reiki, Chakra Work, Energy Work, Guided Image Therapy, Counseling and Therapy. All through conversational lectures.This course will certify you as an Alternative Healing Therapist & Practitioner, combining any/all of your other modalities with Soul Care Therapy and give you tools in the process of how to add Soul Care Therapy Sessions to your current practice of healing, or simply to begin a new practice starting with this course if you are courageous enough. This course is priceless in what you will learn and comes from over 20 years of study in healing and therapy. What you learn here you will take with you for a lifetime to healing not only yourself but assist clients in their healing journey.  You will learn so much from this course as I have in the journey to acquire it, and now I share it with you. Remain Open, Receptive, and Appreciative of the process (O.R.A.)Disclaimer: This course is not a license, nor does it provide licensing permissions in your state. This therapeutic certificate is in the broad language of many modalities and alternative healing methods. After taking this course you will not be a licensed therapist with said privileges nor will you be able to join professional Therapist licensing directories. For that you must take the traditional academic route. This is a ministerial route as a spiritual counselor afforded in most states as a Minister of Peace. Visit the Univeral Life Church website to obtain your Minister of Peace Certificate and any counseling certificate of interest there for additional confidence. The MOP is not required to practice healing, but there as an added security for those who feel they need it. Place of Bliss Academy does not support fraudulent claims of licensing to practice nor is POBA responsible for the quality of services provided by others after taking this course. Please also see the video explanation and PDF attachment in the course.All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Recommended Reading List

Section 2: Understanding Your Worth

Lecture 3 The Pearls Before Swine Theory

Section 3: Pearls Before Swine Lecture

Lecture 4 Pearls Before Swine Lecture Video

Section 4: Living Mindfully~ Switching Off The Default

Lecture 5 The Default

Lecture 6 The Process of Conscious Awareness

Lecture 7 Consequences of an Unconscious Life

Lecture 8 Consequences of a Conscious Life

Section 5: Labels That Hurt

Lecture 9 Labels That Hurt

Lecture 10 Labels: Are You Angry or Hopeful? Summary Message, Q&A

Section 6: The Internal Dialogue: Voices, Problem Orientation & Solution Orientation

Lecture 11 The Internal Dialogue: Voices, Problem Orientation & Solution Orientation

Section 7: Getting Better vs. Feeling Better

Lecture 12 Getting Better vs. Feeling Better

Section 8: The Audits

Lecture 13 Look At Your Life Intimately With these Audits and Help Your Clients Do The Same

Section 9: The Questionnaires For The Sessions

Lecture 14 The Questionnaires For The Sessions

Section 10: Guilt Deprogramming Blueprint

Lecture 15 Guilt Deprogramming Blueprint

Section 11: The Therapy Sessions & How to Define Them

Lecture 16 The Therapy Sessions & How to Define Them

Lecture 17 Beginning Guided Image Therapy

Lecture 18 Guided Image Therapy| Reiki Session Sample| Your Client is on the Table or Couch

Section 12: What It Means to Be an Alternative Healing Therapist

Lecture 19 What It Means to Be an Alternative Healing Therapist

Section 13: Terms & Certified vs Licensed

Lecture 20 Terms & Certified vs Licensed with PDF download

Section 14: How Do I Get My POBA Certificate?

Lecture 21 How Do I Get My POBA Certificate?

Lecture 22 The Group & Wisdom Wednesday

Section 15: How to Achieve an "Advanced Master Practitioner of Integrative Healing" Diploma

Lecture 23 How to Achieve an "Advanced Master Practitioner of Integrative Healing" Diploma

Lecture 24 Earning the "Master Healer of Alternative Therapies & Natural Medicine" Diploma

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