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Certified Indian Dance Historical Drama & English- Part - 2

Posted By: ELK1nG
Certified Indian Dance Historical Drama & English- Part - 2

Certified Indian Dance Historical Drama & English- Part - 2
Last updated 7/2022
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Lessons from the past for the present generation

What you'll learn


Indian Classical Dance


Indian history, culture, traditions and heritage


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Historical stories, close to home are always a treat to listen to and when depicted in a performing art form, it takes on another dimension.These are true tales of valour of persons who actually lived in our land, our world, whose lives can inspire and teach us through their real life experiences.Through Dance in the Indian Classical Dance form of Bharatanatynam, this is attempted.Music brings solace, it motivates and when there is a story to back it up, then it becomes all the more educationally uplifting while, being an entertainment oriented course lesson too.Choreography that is simple to learn with basic steps taught, as tutorials bring alive these extraordinary persons of valour once more, to touch our lives in the present, through their own original daily living and breathing stories.These tales still have much value and offer much to a student, in terms of the art form.Today the world is a different one with a lot of changes but surprisingly, issues faced by the people still exist in another way today also.How did our ancestors deal with it? What actions did they take? In their wars both on the battle field and at the home front, with the demons in their mind, which way out did they choose?How did they find peace eventually?Seeking the answers in their lives, with today's scenario in mind,  let us turn to history and literature to learn more about them and apply that to the present.No personality from the past should be forgotten.In their unique life of courage and resilience, they were farsighted in their approach to their problems Their visionary outlook and bravery against all odds, can teach us quite a lot and show us a way through these turbulent times.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 3 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 4 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 5 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 6 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 7 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 8 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 9 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 10 Practical Instruction

Lecture 11 Practical Instruction-Dance choreography

Lecture 12 Practical Instruction-Dance tutorial step by step

Lecture 13 Practical Instruction

Lecture 14 Practical Instruction

Lecture 15 Practical Instruction

Lecture 16 Practical Instruction

Lecture 17 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 18 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 19 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 20 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 21 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 22 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 23 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 24 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 25 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 26 Lessons from teacher

Lecture 27 Practical Instruction

Lecture 28 Practical Instruction

Lecture 29 Practical Instruction

Lecture 30 Practical Instruction

Lecture 31 Practical Instruction

Lecture 32 Practical Instruction

Lecture 33 Practical Instruction

Lecture 34 Practical Instruction

Lecture 35 Dance Therapy

Lecture 36 Dance Therapy

Lecture 37 Dance Therapy

Lecture 38 Dance Therapy

Lecture 39 Dance Therapy

Lecture 40 Dance Therapy

Lecture 41 Dance Exercises

Lecture 42 Dance Exercises

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