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Cmrp Course And Test Simulator

Posted By: ELK1nG
Cmrp Course And Test Simulator

Cmrp Course And Test Simulator
Published 9/2022
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Language: English | Size: 2.85 GB | Duration: 3h 43m

CMRP Exam Preparation

What you'll learn
Best Practices and Methodology in Maintenance and Reliability
CMRP Exam Prep
The 5 Pillars of the SMRP Book of Knowledge
Business Management
Manufacturing Process Reliability
Equipment Reliability
Work Management
What is a Mission and Vision Statement
Risk Analysis
Key Performance Indicators
S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Bath Tub Curve
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Six Sigma
Total Productive Maintenance
Basic Understanding of Manufacturing Processes
Interest in becoming a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional
The Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) is the most respected leadership certification in Maintenance and Reliability. Having a CMRP shows your ability to understand the industry's concepts and demonstrates to others your ability to grasp maintenance and reliability processes. After completing the exam, you will have the advantage of understanding the maintenance and manufacturing leadership and reliability. You need to pass the CMRP exam, and you need quality training that'll help you in your role. You also want to learn from an authority in maintenance and reliability in an online environment with plenty of simulations, videos, and concise explanations. This course provides over 3 hours taught by maintenance and reliability author and expert AW Schultz. AW is the author of several maintenance and reliability management books sold on Amazon, including the CMRP Exam, The Toolbox for Maintenance and Reliability, and Maintenance Planning Scheduling and Control. He is certified as a CMRP, PMP, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.This course will include the following:Over 3 hours of Course TrainingMore than 50+ lecturesTwo Mock ExamsTraining on the 5 Pillars of CMRPAccess to advice and help from CMRP TrainerThe CMRP Course is designed to create an affordable training and time alternative for those that don't have time to attend a training seminar or pay an extreme amount to pay for an exam that discusses many theories that are common in the industry. Please allow us to help you become a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 The Five Pillars of Maintenance and Reliability

Section 2: Business Management

Lecture 2 Introduction to Business Management

Lecture 3 Mission Statement

Lecture 4 Vision Statement

Lecture 5 Key Performance Indicators

Lecture 6 Balance Scorecard

Lecture 7 Benchmarking

Lecture 8 Cascading Objectives

Lecture 9 S.W.O.T.

Lecture 10 Risk Analysis, Types, and Management

Lecture 11 Return on Investment

Lecture 12 Cash Flow

Lecture 13 Flowchart

Lecture 14 S.I.P.O.C.

Lecture 15 Management of Change

Lecture 16 S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Section 3: Manufacturing Process Reliability

Lecture 17 Manufacturing Process Reliability

Lecture 18 International Organization of Standardization

Lecture 19 Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Lecture 20 The Key Lean Manufacturing Principles

Lecture 21 Lean and the 8 Types of Waste

Lecture 22 Pull Systems

Lecture 23 Takt Time, Cycle Time, and Lead Time

Lecture 24 Value Stream Mapping

Lecture 25 Value Stream Analysis

Lecture 26 S.M.E.D.

Lecture 27 F.M.E.A.

Lecture 28 Six Sigma Concept

Lecture 29 Six Sigma DMAIC

Lecture 30 Pareto

Lecture 31 Total Productive Maintenance

Lecture 32 Poke Yoke

Lecture 33 5S

Section 4: Equipment Reliability

Lecture 34 Introduction Equipment Reliability

Lecture 35 Strategic Plan

Lecture 36 Analysis Techniques

Lecture 37 P - F Strategy

Lecture 38 Bathtub Curve

Lecture 39 Types of Breakdowns

Lecture 40 Critical Spares Strategy

Section 5: Organization and Leadership

Lecture 41 Organizational Theory

Lecture 42 Leadership

Lecture 43 Develop Goals

Lecture 44 Communication

Section 6: Work Management

Lecture 45 Work Orders

Lecture 46 Preventive Maintenance

Lecture 47 Predictive Maintenance

Lecture 48 Work Management Process

Lecture 49 Maintenance Backlog

Lecture 50 Prioritize Work

Lecture 51 Planning and Scheduling

Lecture 52 Storeroom Management

Lecture 53 Wrench Time

Section 7: Practice Test

Maintenance and Reliability Professionals,Students Preparing to Take there CMRP Exam