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Color Management and Reproduction in Digital Printing

Posted By: Free butterfly
Color Management and Reproduction in Digital Printing

Color Management and Reproduction in Digital Printing: A vendor neutral guide for understanding colour printing and matching in images, greys, and solid colours by Wissam Botros
English | August 15, 2021 | ISBN: 1777757320 | 104 pages | PDF | 14 Mb

Have you ever taken a picture with your phone camera that looked great on the phone screen, but when you opened it on your PC and on your laptop, it did not look as great and colours did not even look the same?
Then you tried to print that picture and were disappointed as the print did not look as you expected?
Your picture has lots of beautiful greys, but those greys looked greenish in the print and not close to the grey purity you expected?
Worse, you have a black and white photo that you printed and then noticed it is not pure black and white and there are some other inks shifting the B&W hue?
You wanted to print a certain colour of a certain brand, and you could not achieve that colour in your prints even after trying your best?
Are you a wide format printer operator or a designer for a printing house and part of your job is to place the right colours in your designs that when printed should match those corporate colours?
Whether you are a photographer, a person who likes to print his/her photos at their best, or whether you are that operator or designer, a student or anyone who wants to know more about colours and digital printing, then this book is for you!
This book is
The objective of this book is to simplify the subject of colour management, no physics, no wavelengths, no unfamiliar names. It was a real challenge to keep it as simple as possible so any person with any level of experience can understand it.

This book has a practical approach. It contains many real-life examples from real life design and printing issues, their causes, and the explanation of their solutions.

Vendor neutral
This book explains the concepts, problems, and solutions in a vendor neutral environment, after understanding those concepts you could easily apply them on whatever software and hardware you use.

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