The Complete Living Trust Kit

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The Complete Living Trust Kit

Karen Rolcik, “The Complete Living Trust Kit”
Sphinx Publishing | 2007-03-01 | ISBN: 1572485892 | 384 pages | PDF | 8,7 MB

Product Description:

Did you know that the government may be able to take nearly half of the assets you leave your
Did you know that your family could have to wait to access the funds you saved for them?

A Living Trust can do so much more than a will to ensure that money is not lost or wasted, to keep your family out of court and to keep creditors away. Let The Complete Living Trust Kit teach you all the advantages a Living Trust offers.

A Living Trust is inexpensive to create, easy to maintain and:

limits creditor claims
ensures privacy
prevents unintended disinheritance
minimizes emotional stress on family
directs timely distribution of assets
avoids probate and ancillary probate administration
permits flexibility
is difficult to contest
maintains continuation of business
controls assets during incapacity
provides a guardianship alternative
allows for continuity of asset management and income flow

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