Composing Qualitative Research

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Composing Qualitative Research

Karen Golden-Biddle, Karen Locke, "Composing Qualitative Research"
Sage Publications, Inc | 2006 | ISBN: 1412905613 | 144 pages | PDF | 2,2 MB

The Second Edition of Composing Qualitative Research: Crafting Theoretical Points from Qualitative Data offers useful strategies for addressing the writing issues that researchers face when shepherding a manuscript from invention to publication. Authors Karen Golden-Biddle and Karen Locke use real-world examples drawn from a variety of disciplines and publications to demonstrate styles, concepts, challenges, and potential outcomes from writing qualitative research.

Rating: 5

I am a graduate student in chemistry education research. This book was required reading in a gerontology class I took on advanced qualitative research methods. I thought this book was excellent and would recommend it to anyone interested in how to write and think about qualitative data. (The first edition is nowhere near as good as the second edition! I accidentally got the first edition and couldn't understand why the book was assigned. Once I had the newer edition, I loved the book.)

Summary: Reporting Research is Not Covered in College English
Rating: 5

By the time the student has gotten far enough along that he is ready to publish his new and exciting research it has probably been a long time since he/she has had a course on writing. It is also quite likely that the things he was taught in his writing classes is dramatically different from the somewhat sterile, unadorned and disembodied style typically used for academic writing – yes, you've got to learn how to write dull.

Beyond these goals, the book concentrates on how to formulate a research paper into something that will convey the information the writer of the paper wants to convey. This includes providing an introduction, details on how (the usual) large amounts of data are to be presented. Handling feedback, be it unofficial in the form of friendly reviewers or the peer review of the selected journal. Re-writing of the paper to include such comments and possibly updating the data.

Basically the authors of this small book want to encourage 'writing about writing.' They want to create an environment where the actual writing of a paper is just part of the process and a subject for study and discussion in its own right.

Summary: fabolous
Rating: 5

is a very good and useful book if you start to write your own disertation, papers, and conference submissions. It shows that the authors have a lot of experince and have destilled it for other people to learn from it.

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