Compressor 3.5 Essential Training

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Compressor 3.5 Essential Training

Compressor 3.5 Essential Training
MP4 | Video: 540p | Duration: 2:21:24 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 1582.0 MB

Designed for experienced video compressionists and those new to the field, Compressor 3.5 Essential Training takes a look at the new features available in this important Final Cut Studio application. Apple Certified Instructor Jeff I. Greenberg covers the complete workflow, as well as key compression concepts, from transcoding to codec types. He also explores the new batch template and auto-detection features of this version. Jeff teaches how to determine the correct compression settings for any job, including how to compress video for the iPhone, PowerPoint, and the web. He also shows how to use the new droplets to speed up any workflow. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Learning the basic rules of compression
    Understanding transcoding and completing an HD cross-convert
    Building DVDs directly from the Compressor interface
    Adding chapters and art to a podcast with Compressor
    Building batch templates and creating job actions