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Construction Procurement Management

Posted By: ELK1nG
Construction Procurement Management

Construction Procurement Management
Last updated 10/2022
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A course on procurement designed for engineers new to the infrastructure/construction industry.

What you'll learn
Procurement on engineering projects
How to engage sub-contractors
How to write scope of works, prepare and run tenders and select sub-contractors
Construction Management
Basic understanding of the construction and infrastructure industry
Willingness to develop key construction management skills
The purpose of this course is to provide engineers and other construction management professionals new to the construction/infrastructure industry an overview of procurement and how it is conducted on major projects. Often engineering at university focuses on the technical aspects however many engineers will find the skills needed to excel at their jobs are project management based. This course covers one of the key project management skills used by engineers; procurement. It will provide you a context as to what procurement is and why it's important, and go through how procurement is conducted on a project. It will provide you the pre-requisite level of knowledge needed when you're put into a procurement role on a project. You'll learn how to draft a scope of works, prepare a tender package, run tenders, and select sub-contractors.The course is broken down into three separate sections. Section 1 focuses on what procurement is and why it is a fundamental part of construction management. Section 2 is all about planning procurement. So how to develop a Work Breakdown Structure, identify what packages you need to procure, and develop a procurement schedule. Section 3 focuses on actually running a tender, so engaging sub-contractors, and suppliers to provide a quote and selecting the best potential sub-contractor.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overall Introduction

Lecture 2 How to take the Course

Lecture 3 What is Construction Management?

Lecture 4 Why do Construction Projects Fail?

Lecture 5 Who am I and Why Should you Bother listening to me?

Lecture 6 Who are these courses for?

Section 2: Introduction to Construction Procurement Management

Lecture 7 Introduction to Section 1

Lecture 8 What is Procurement and Why is it Important?

Lecture 9 Splitting Procurement and Contract Management

Lecture 10 The Importance of Procurement

Lecture 11 Procurement Done Well

Lecture 12 The Procurement Process

Lecture 13 Case Study - Focusing on the Right Things at the Right Time

Lecture 14 Procurement and The Project Life Cycle

Lecture 15 Section 1 - Conclusion

Section 3: Planning Procurement

Lecture 16 Introduction to Section 2 - Planning Procurement

Lecture 17 The Procurement Approach

Lecture 18 Working Out What We Need to Procure

Lecture 19 Defining Scope - The Work Breakdown Structure

Lecture 20 Establishing the Delivery Methodology

Lecture 21 Case Study - Delivery Methodology and Management

Lecture 22 Ensuring There Are No Gaps

Lecture 23 Case Study - Battery Limits

Lecture 24 The Procurement Schedule

Lecture 25 Case Study - Procurement Schedule

Lecture 26 Roles and Responsibilities

Lecture 27 Case Study - Procurement Roles and Responsibilities

Lecture 28 Section 2 - Conclusion

Section 4: Executing Procurement

Lecture 29 Introduction to Section 3 - Executing Procurement

Lecture 30 Early Market Engagement

Lecture 31 Tender Packages

Lecture 32 Case Study - Tender Packages

Lecture 33 Invitation To Tender Form

Lecture 34 The Scope of Works

Lecture 35 The Pricing Schedule

Lecture 36 Program

Lecture 37 Case Study - Program and Procurement

Lecture 38 Quality

Lecture 39 Case Study - Procurement and Quality

Lecture 40 Design Drawings

Lecture 41 The Form of Contract

Lecture 42 Managing the Tender

Lecture 43 Internal Records

Lecture 44 Tender Evaluation and Contract Award

Lecture 45 Case Study - Gap Analysis

Lecture 46 Choosing the Correct Sub-Contractor

Lecture 47 Section 3 - Conclusion

Section 5: Tying It All Together

Lecture 48 Conclusion

Junior engineers starting off their careers in the infrastructure sector,Construction management professionals looking to expand their knowledge of procurement,Quantity Surveyors