Creating a Fixed-Layout EPUB

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Creating a Fixed-Layout EPUB

Creating a Fixed-Layout EPUB
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Join author Anne-Marie ConcepciĆ³n, as she shows how to create fixed-width EPUBs to sell in the iBookstore. The course explores the fixed-layout EPUB format and files, providing a quick-start EPUB template to download, examine, and use to build simple fixed-layout files right away. The course explains how to get content from PDFs and InDesign files into an EPUB, demonstrates editing for fixed-layout settings, and covers modifying CSS to position content and proofing an EPUB on the iPad.

Topics include:
  • Comparing fixed-layout and flowing EPUBs
  • Replacing placeholders in the fixed-layout template
  • Extracting content from PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Pro and Reader
  • Using free scripts to streamline fixed-layout production
  • Extracting text and its formatting from InDesign layouts
  • Exporting InDesign layouts to single-page HTML files
  • Adding viewport and orientation instructions
  • Embedding your own fonts
  • Creating faux text wraps around background images
  • Validating the EPUB