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Creating Your Professional Brand On Linkedin - 2022

Posted By: ELK1nG
Creating Your Professional Brand On Linkedin - 2022

Creating Your Professional Brand On Linkedin - 2022
Published 10/2022
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Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn can be a vital part of being discovered by your target audience.

What you'll learn
Explore key areas of LinkedIn useful for Professional Branding activities.
Identify the best practices for sharing content on LinkedIn in different ways.
Discover different ways to engage with your LinkedIn Network and the best tactics for doing so.
Identify unique and new ways to engage with your target audience in order to build a stronger professional brand.
ach student will need to have basic computer skills, an understanding of web browsers, and basic website navigation skills to attend this course.
Each student will need to have a LinkedIn Profile (account) in order to participate in this course.
“It all starts with a Conversation”Having a well-built LinkedIn Profile is an important first step when using LinkedIn as a business tool. Growing and continuing to grow a relevant LinkedIn Network is another important step.However, these are only two of the important steps you need to fully create value using LinkedIn as a business tool.The third step is to build a Professional Brand through engagement on LinkedIn.As in any other area of our lives, including our careers and businesses, our brands and our reputations, are developed through our actions and words. When people see what we share, read our words, and see how we engage on LinkedIn, our personal and professional brand begins to develop, whether we like how it’s developing or not. Therefore, it becomes important to pay attention to what we are doing, saying, and engaging with on LinkedIn and beyond.Our professional reputation is the backbone of our success in life, career, and business. Investing time to develop and manage this reputation is critical for us to continue achieving our career and business goals. This work extends beyond Face-Face, but also to our social media presence and engagement.In this course, I will give you the foundation needed to develop your professional brand on LinkedIn and show you how to measure how your brand is developing.We will look at the many different areas of LinkedIn and the related activities you can use to grow your professional brand.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Who is your instructor?

Lecture 3 What is LinkedIn?

Lecture 4 Why is Social Engagement important on LinkedIn.

Section 2: LinkedIn Branding Philosophies and Best Practices.

Lecture 5 Professional Branding Philosophies for Individuals

Lecture 6 Using your LinkedIn Profile for Branding

Lecture 7 Networking to build a Professional Brand

Lecture 8 Branding through your LinkedIn Posts

Lecture 9 Branding through Social Engagement

Lecture 10 Branding through LinkedIn Messaging

Lecture 11 Branding through LinkedIn Pages

Lecture 12 Branding through LinkedIn Groups

Lecture 13 Branding through Providing Services Pages

Lecture 14 Branding through LinkedIn Live/Audio/Newsletters

Lecture 15 Preparing to Start Building your Brand through LinkedIn

Section 3: Live view of LinkedIn and Branding Best Practices

Lecture 16 Branding with your LinkedIn Profile - Live View

Lecture 17 Branding through your Providing Services page - Live view

Lecture 18 Social Listening as a brand building tool - Live view

Lecture 19 Curate or Create Content for LinkedIn - Live view

Lecture 20 Branding through your LinkedIn Posts - Live View

Lecture 21 Branding through Social Engagement - Live View

Lecture 22 Branding through LinkedIn Messaging - Live View

Lecture 23 Branding while Connecting on LinkedIn - Live View

Lecture 24 Branding through LinkedIn Groups - Live View

Lecture 25 Branding through LinkedIn Pages - Live View

Lecture 26 Introduction to LinkedIn Creator Mode - Live view

Section 4: Closing Remarks

Lecture 27 Measuring your Professional Brand on LinkedIn - Live view

Lecture 28 Final Remarks

Section 5: Course Resources

Lecture 29 Course Slide Deck

Lecture 30 Additional Resources

Section 6: Final Quizz

College students moving into their career journey.,Business Developers seeking stronger business relationships with their LinkedIn Network.,Business Professionals who want to discover new business opportunities throught LinkedIn.