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Crowdfunding For Filmmaking Masterclass

Posted By: ELK1nG
Crowdfunding For Filmmaking Masterclass

Crowdfunding For Filmmaking Masterclass
Last updated 12/2015
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Whether you are filmmaker, videographer or screenwriting to make your film this course will teach you crowdfunding.

What you'll learn
build a film crowdfunding campaign from scratch, and do everything you need to ensure you raise the money you need
understand the different types of crowdfunding and know how to pick the most appropriate platform for their project
know how to create their entire campaign, from first idea through top the tiny details
budget and schedule your entire campaign to ensure you're prepared and can afford any outcome
write and make a campaign video which drives people to donate and support the campaign
build and execute a marketing plan which will gain press attention, build an audience and convert those people into backers
I am presuming you are a filmmaker whose only barrier to making your film is the money you need to spend making it.
No prior knowledge of crowdfunding is needed
I will take you through the entire journey from first principles right through to the complex tasks involved in campaign creation and promotion
They don't teach you this in Film School! This course will guide you through every stage of planning, creating and running your film crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is the only method of film finance open to all filmmakers, anywhere in the world and over $250 million has already been raised for films on Kickstarter.  The course has been created by Stephen Follows, who brings his experience of teaching at some of the world’s best film schools, running a leading online video agency and as a film industry data expert to the topic of crowdfunding. It’s based on Stephen’s data research on over 50,000 film crowdfunding campaigns, interviews with over 50 filmmakers who have run a crowdfunding campaign and interviews with some of the top people at major crowdfunding platforms and services.Topics covered by the course include…An introduction to crowdfundingGuided tour of the major crowdfunding sites for filmmakersHow to build a film crowdfunding campaign from scratchBudgeting and scheduling your campaignMarketing and outreach to build an audienceBuilding and managing a crowdfunding teamHow to run the actual campaign and what to do afterwardsIt also includes examples and templates of key documents as well as interviews with filmmakers and representatives from major crowdfunding companies and services.


Section 1: An introduction to crowdfunding

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Lecture 2 What is crowdfunding?

Lecture 3 Rewards-based crowdfunding

Lecture 4 The pros and cons of crowdfunding

Lecture 5 The history and success of crowdfunding

Section 2: Hosting your campaign

Lecture 6 Key elements to a crowdfunding campaign

Lecture 7 Introduction to Kickstarter

Lecture 8 Introduction to Indiegogo

Lecture 9 Other crowdfunding sites you may use

Section 3: Planning your campaign

Lecture 10 Create your crowdfunding strategy

Lecture 11 Calculating your ideal campaign length

Lecture 12 Budgeting your campaign

Lecture 13 Defining your audience

Lecture 14 Scheduling your campaign

Lecture 15 Building a team

Section 4: Crafting your campaign

Lecture 16 Writing your pitch

Lecture 17 Campaign imagery

Lecture 18 Creating a campaign video

Lecture 19 Setting your rewards

Lecture 20 Services to help your campaign

Section 5: Marketing and promotion

Lecture 21 Creating your marketing strategy

Lecture 22 Reaching influential people

Lecture 23 Paid marketing

Section 6: Running your campaign

Lecture 24 While the campaign is live

Lecture 25 Just before you launch

Lecture 26 After the campaign is over

Section 7: Interviews and inspiration

Lecture 27 Chris Jones – Crowdfunding his way to the Oscars PART 1

Lecture 28 Chris Jones – Crowdfunding his way to the Oscars PART 2

Lecture 29 Mark Kines – The first online crowdfunding filmmaker PART 1

Lecture 30 Mark Kines – The first online crowdfunding filmmaker PART 2

The course is aimed at filmmakers who are seeking finance for their next film,The lessons and concepts also apply to all creatives thinking of using crowdfunding to fund their next project.