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Customer Service Success: Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Posted By: Sigha
Customer Service Success: Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Customer Service Success: Take Your Skills To The Next Level
Last updated 11/2022
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Language: English | Size: 5.04 GB | Duration: 8h 43m

3-in-1 Customer Service Training: Levels 1, 2, 3 | Improve Your Soft Communication Skills, Customer Support & Experience

What you'll learn
Build rapport with customers to improve their satisfaction and your job performance
Acquire and implement strategies to exceed your customer’s expectations to stand out from competition
Discover ways to increase your job satisfaction and career growth
Learn about the value of customer service and what impact it has on your company and job satisfaction
Explore which in-demand skills are most valued by employers
Decrease problematic situations by avoiding common customer service failures
Analyze customer feedback to help your team optimize your company’s products and services
Practice purposeful smalltalk to connect with customers and resolve issues
Improve your communication using the the power of your voice
Make most from first impressions to create a sense of trust, knowledge and professionalism
Demonstrate professionalism and build trust using eye contact and facial expressions
Influence how customers feel about interacting with you using your posture and body language
Learn how to set realistic expectations to prevent customer confusion and difficult situations
Replace vague sentences with clear & efficient messaging to avoid and decrease misunderstandings
Discover why customers miss important information and what you can do to prevent it
Manage unreasonable expectations while keeping your customers happy
Improve your verbal and written communication skills to boost your success at work
Develop strong active listening skills to build relationships, solve problems, and get your ideas across
Discover what barriers can come in the way of effective listening
Implement effective listening strategies to make your customers feel heard and understood
Explore effective methods to handle upset customers and turn negative situations into positive experiences
Use empathy to create positive interactions and take ownership for your customers’ experience
Discover what language triggers negative emotions and how you can replace it to create positive experiences
Build resilience and learn ways to take care of yourself so you can easily manage stressful situations
Effectively manage your customers’ comments on social media
Learn effective ways to address positive and negative reviews online to boost your company’s reputation
Explore ways big companies use to create memorable experiences for their customers
Brainstorm innovative solutions to "wow" your customers by catering to their needs
Review common problems and solutions in customer service
Watch interviews to gain valuable insights about careers in customer service
Have access to a consistent internet connection
No prior experience in customer service required
***Join the over 13,100 students that have joined this course to expand their customer service skills***** 3-for-1 Deal: This comprehensive customer service training includes Levels 1, 2, and 3 to help you advance your career**With over 8.5 hours of video lectures and a library of valuable resources, scripts, and guides, you won’t find a more thorough and up-to-date course out there. "What a fantastic course! I learned so much but most of all it really got my brain ticking and thinking about my own personal growth and ways to improve myself and give upmost customer care. Truly a helpful course for those starting out or wanting to take the next steps in their career." - Ryan M."It is a great course for anyone working in Customer Care services. All the explanations are based on scientific evidence and the trainer provides useful resources in almost every lesson. I would definitely recommend it!" - Marc D."My overall experience in Customer Service and Sales is 5+ years and I can honestly say that this course has some valuable insights for me. Thank you, Viktoriya." - Dmytro P.––––––Great customer skills training is the key to success! With the right customer service skills, you have the power to create positive customer service experiences, build customer loyalty, boost your reputation, and advance your career. Do you want to learn how to provide exceptional customer service to impress your customers?When you listen and understand your customers' needs and communicate effectively, you can make decisions that benefit your customers and improve your company’s performance.That's why we created this customer service skills training for anyone who wants to learn how to provide world-class customer service skills! Whether you are a customer-facing professional, business owner, or team manager, this introductory customer service course will help you get started!This customer service training is for you if you wish to:Learn best customer service practices that are practical and easy to implement Create memorable experiences for your customersImprove your customer relationship management skillsStand out from competitors by providing top-notch customer careLearn in-demand customer service and soft skills that will last a lifetimeExceeding your customers’ expectations can help deliver a long-term increase in revenue, customer satisfaction, and your career success.–––––––––––-How the Training WorksWhether you’re starting your search for a new job, changing careers, or wanting to grow in your current role, this training will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed. By the end of the training, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to deliver outstanding customer service to wow your customers and your employer. The training is divided into 3 parts:Level 1:At the first level of our training program, we'll focus on building a strong foundation in customer service. You will learn about the importance of understanding your customer's needs and expectations, developing strong communication skills, and maintaining a positive attitude. We'll also cover strategies for providing prompt, effective service to ensure that your customers walk away happy.Level 2:Once you have covered the basics of customer service, we will move on to review and fine-tune your skills in this area. In this part of the training, we will focus on expanding your knowledge of best customer service practices, so you can provide 5-star customer service that reflects your company's values and meets your customer's needs.Level 3:The final level of our training program is focused on helping you navigate the sometimes challenging world of customer service. Whether you're dealing with an upset, rude, or difficult customer, we will teach I will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to handle these situations in an effective and professional manner.–––––––––––-Customer service training doesn't have to be boring!  This customer service course includes video lectures, downloadable resources, real company examples,  course notes, and interviews with industry professionals. All of these resources are designed to help you apply what you learn and succeed! In this customer service skills training, you will cover:Customer service fundamentalsEssential skills in customer serviceBuilding rapport in customer serviceManaging customer expectationsEffective listening skills Dealing with upset customersSelf-care in customer serviceResponding to positive and negative reviews on social mediaMemorable ways to "wow" your customersFAQs and adviceInterviews with industry professionalsAnd much, much more!By the end of the course, you will:Feel confident building rapport with customersUse the power of words, first impressions, and body language to influence how they feel about interacting with youLearn how to effectively listen to customer inquiries Feel confident in communicating online, in person, and over the phoneBecome more productive, focused, and resilient when dealing with upset customersTurn negative situations into positive experiencesGain practical skills to tackle challenging situationsLearn how you can improve your company’s reputation, and as a result, your customers’ experienceWow your customers and impress your employersIf you are ready to upgrade your customer service skills, grow your career, and make a difference in people’s lives, enroll now to get started!

Who this course is for:
Individuals working in customer-facing roles,Freelancers and business owners who want to impress their customers and stand out from competitors,Managers looking to provide training and improve the performance of their customer support team,Organizations that want to raise the bar and take their customer support to its next level of excellence

Customer Service Success: Take Your Skills To The Next Level

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