Stan Trujillo: Cutting-Edge Direct3D Programming

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Stan Trujillo: Cutting-Edge Direct3D Programming

Cutting-Edge Direct3D Programming: Everything You Need to Create Stunning 3D Applications with Direct3D
Coriolis Group Books | 1996-11-13 | ISBN: 1576100502 | CHM | Pages 496 | 4.82 MB

Explains Direct3D in clear, understandable language. Appeals to software developers interested in writing any type of 3D application for Windows 95, from hobbyist to professional. Emphasizes development of many types of software, not just games. Includes plenty of demos enabling readers of varying skill levels to create source code ideal for their needs. Includes a body of code that is fast, debugged and royalty-free so readers can program with Direct3D without having to learn the entire API. Addresses topics such as 3D coordinates, rendering, texture mapping, animation, hit-detection, lighting, and morphing.