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Posted By: Free butterfly

DAY TRADING FOR A LIVING: Four Stage To Becoming a Succesful Trading: 1 trading psychology 2 trading strategy 3 day trade guide 4 how to be in the zone by Lorenzo Daglio
English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B096N3VTRB | 91 pages | EPUB | 1.28 Mb

① Can you think of the last time you were really enraged?
② Perhaps you did anything and were taken aback by your behavior.
③ And if you later regretted it, you simply could not really help yourself at the moment, or you're likely to behave the same way soon if you get upset in the future.
④ It is because a personality type is composed of thoughts and emotions that motivate them to behave, and psychology influences our behavior in every part of our lives, including trading.
Effective trading is the product of a series of trades executed according to a plan. This suggests that a trader must have the patience to adhere to their plan even though they are losing money. Human beings, on the other hand, do not often act logically, and impulses frequently affect us, causing us to act in ways that are not natural.
Emotions are unavoidable, particularly for inexperienced traders, and they can keep you from making an informed decision. As a result, mastering the ability to suppress emotion is more important than ever for profitable trading.
You have all you need to add your array of personality characteristics to be a smarter, sharper, and more reliably profitable market trader with The Psychological Conditioning in Trading.
It's important to have solid trading plans and reliable market metrics. When it comes down to it, though, the bond that holds them together is the mental state at the moment. If you let it, the strongest trading scheme can crumble like a stack of cards when things go horribly wrong.
Behavioral conditioning in trading has everything you need to ensure this doesn't happen to you by teaching you how to recognize and manipulate your feelings when they matter the most. Long-term trading sustainability hinges on it.
Almost no literature has presented a comprehensive, realistic plan for managing the Personality Characteristics in trading till this. How you'll discover inside is the product of in-depth analysis into the minds of today's most successful traders.
The Author describes the inextricable connection between human thinking, feeling, and action.
The Author has developed a sequence of four Important things:
  • Trading psychology
  • Trading strategy
  • Day trade guide
  • How to be in the zone
The Book Include the following topics:
  • Why trade?
  • Why lose?
  • Write down the general reasons why people lose (include any What can I do if I manage losses carefully?
  • Prospect theory
  • Gestalt theory
  • Cognitive psychology school (also explain what is cognitive dissonance)
  • Psychoanalysis
  • OCEAN Traders
  • Which Ocean Trader are you? Personality Test
  • Discretionary Trading
  • Mechanical Trading (Partially automatic).
  • Discretionary Trading: Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Mechanical Trading: Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Influence of Trader Profile congruence on Trading Behavior
  • Which Markets Should you trade?
And much more

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