DaVinci Resolve 12: Advanced Color Grading

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DaVinci Resolve 12: Advanced Color Grading

DaVinci Resolve 12: Advanced Color Grading
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DaVinci Resolve 12 is a mature product that has evolved from "big iron" (mainframe-based) post-production facilities and into a powerful but compact desktop application. It has a deep, robust feature set that allows users to grow into the software once they've mastered the fundamentals. This course offers the advanced tutorials editors and colorists need to become Resolve savvy.

Indie feature film and broadcast colorist Patrick Inhofer puts these more sophisticated features to practical use—color-grading shots from a documentary. Along the way, he covers the Resolve Studio databases, media management, advanced primary and secondary color-correction techniques, and even Resolve performance optimization. Follow along with the three "In Action" chapters to learn how to create a base grade, match shots, and build cinematic looks. Plus, get a glimpse into the advanced features available only in DaVinci Resolve Studio, such as motion effects and noise reduction, to help you decide if you need to upgrade to the paid version of DaVinci Resolve.

It doesn't matter what kinds of projects you shoot or edit. This training will help you develop your color correction "muscles" and deliver better results more reliably every time.

Topics include:
  • Understanding Resolve's database structure and options
  • Managing and relinking media
  • Using the advanced primary and secondary tools
  • Working with the sizing menu
  • Advanced tracking
  • Comparing shots in split-screen
  • Reducing noise
  • Increasing playback performance in DaVinci Resolve
  • Rendering, delivering, and archiving footage
  • Applying Resolve's tools to real-world projects
  • Learning a repeatable workflow for the entire color grading process