Digital Abstract Stylized Landscape Painting in Procreate

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Digital Abstract Stylized Landscape Painting in Procreate

Digital Abstract Stylized Landscape Painting in Procreate
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There are more methods than ever to express ourselves with digital tools. It is simply mind-blowing how we can create truly stunning artwork, and we can do it increasingly efficiently, and with no mess! This class is for anyone wanting to try abstract art for the first time on the iPad. It is geared towards beginners, and up to intermediate painters, looking to design a collection, to increase their Print-On-Demand offerings, or for anyone interested in exploring abstract art purely for fun and personal use. Don’t have Procreate? Many of the techniques are totally do-able in Adobe Photoshop or Fresco! I talk you through the essentials to consider when planning your painting and you can watch me throughout the process of painting at least one, with a review of several different styles I have experimented with.

In this class, you will learn how to use nature as inspiration to create an abstract artwork. I take you through the steps to create the abstract landscape artwork using a reference photo as inspiration. I will discuss composition and design, color mixing, planning your artwork, and I’ll show my entire painting process from start to finish. I will explain my stylized, expressive techniques using a limited palette of colors. Limiting the palette is an ideal way to keep the palette harmonious, so we will stick to an analogous color scheme (which I will explain).

Learning how tonality contributes to better compositions is one of the goals here. This class is suitable for artists with some knowledge of painting in general, but it will also be good information for beginners. Once I have the painting, I will also model how you can “art direct”, as I do self-critiques throughout. I am actively troubleshooting as I go through the class, trying to resolve design challenges as I go. I talk about using other artists’ work as a starting point for design, and give you many strategies for personalizing the style to make it unique to you.

I explore many of the Procreate settings such as blending modes and settings. I will explain the brushes I used in the process, keeping it as simple as possible for your first go. If you are experienced, I hope you can learn a new style from me and perhaps a new approach. The key concepts I will include:

review of my techniques in creating the initial layout
planning value and tone in my composition
discovery and adventure when developing a new style
approaches you can take in your creative work
This is a great course for you to take no matter what your purpose for the art you create. Approach this course with a open mind and heart, and you will create something to love! Let’s not waste any more time yakking! Let’s get right to it!

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