Drive East on 66 - Richard Wormser

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Drive East on 66 - Richard Wormser

Drive East on 66 - Richard Wormser
English | 2017 | 142 Pages | ISBN: 1973163373 | EPUB | 257.36 KB

Cop Andy Bastian is offered a thousand dollars in exchange for a favour – not an insignificant amount in the early Sixties.
He’s to deliver Ralph, the brilliant son of wealthy parents, to Kansas to be detained in a mental health facility.
It’s a long journey from California, but they don’t get far before it’s clear they’re being followed.
Initially suspecting the boy’s father is merely keeping a close eye, it quickly becomes clear that something much more sinister is afoot.
Just who is trying to get to them?
And can he get Ralph safely to the asylum before they do?

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