Essential Email Standards: RFCs and Protocols Made Practical

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Essential Email Standards: RFCs and Protocols Made Practical

Pete Loshin “Essential Email Standards: RFCs and Protocols Made Practical"
John Wiley & Sons | 1999-11-03 | ISBN: 0471345970 | 339 pages | PDF | 1 Mb

Reader's review:
Although Essential Email Standards is intended for the Internet messaging technician, even non-techies like myself can benefit from its exhaustive and comprehensive coverage of all the major Internet protocols and RFCs. Loshin provides the latest information on all the Internet messaging standards, as well as a complete description of the standards making process.
The book is also extremely well organized and laid out, with plenty of diagrams, tables, sidebars, and notes. The only disappointing aspect of the book is the skimpy index at the end. Perhaps this is the publisher's way of encouraging readers to use the CD-ROM and Adobe PDF Reader supplied with the book.
Indeed, searching for key words and phrases with the Adobe Reader is a breeze–you just slide the CD-ROM into your computer, double click the installation file, and away you go. I found one of the RFCs I was looking for by simply clicking one of the hyperlinks embedded in the digital copy of the text.

This review concludes that Essential Email Standards succeeds in making highly technical email standards practical and easily accessible.

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