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Embroidery For Beginners - 39 Stitches

Posted By: ELK1nG
Embroidery For Beginners - 39 Stitches

Embroidery For Beginners - 39 Stitches
Published 6/2022
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For every individual interested in Hand Embroidery.

What you'll learn
This is a course for people who want to learn Embroidery from Basics.
You will learn a total of 39 stitches.
Minimum of 1 hr is required for learning and practice all together per day.
In the end of the course you will be using the stitch of your interest in the pattern provided in the recourses.
Embroidery Frame - 5 inch
Anchor Cotton Threads (Any other brand is also fine but must be Cotton threads)
Hand embroidery Needles - 8 or 9 number
Cotton Cloth
Scale, Pencil/Pen and Scissor
This course will contain 39 stitches - Basic stitches. These are the most commonly used stitches in Hand Embroidery. This course will help you create designs of your choice in the end. Basic of every stitch and materials are being provided in the form of video in the start of the class. The requirements are also mentioned in the box below.Practice is required to advance the stitch. A minimum of 30 min per day is required. We start with the easy stitch and continue with using more small pattens by the end of the course. Each video is a single stitch pattens hence they may be small but practice is required for advancing the stitch using them in the pattern in the future.At the end of the course we will provide you with a pattern for practice with the stitch of your choice.You can also provide the final image to us by tagging us in Instagram or FB. Links have been provided. You can also provide us with unique pattens at the end as well.We keep updating and providing you with different courses in the future, so be in touch with us in the Social media. You can use these stitches on Shirts, Sarees, Tops and many more of your choice.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Materials Required

Section 2: Running Stitches

Lecture 3 Running Stitch

Lecture 4 Ending the Stitch (Knot)

Lecture 5 Whipped Running

Lecture 6 Laced Running

Lecture 7 Eskimo Laced Edging

Lecture 8 Zigzag Running

Section 3: Back Stitch

Lecture 9 Back Stitch

Lecture 10 Interlaced Back Stitch

Section 4: Steam Stitch

Lecture 11 Steam Stitch

Lecture 12 Whipped Steam Stitched

Lecture 13 Cable Steam Stitch

Section 5: Chain Stitch

Lecture 14 Chain Stitch

Lecture 15 Whipped Chain Stitch

Lecture 16 Twisted Chain Stitch

Lecture 17 Open Chain Stitch

Lecture 18 Split Chain

Lecture 19 Chequerd Chain Stitch

Lecture 20 Alternate Chain Stitch

Lecture 21 Raised Chain Stitch

Section 6: Cable Chain Stitch

Lecture 22 Cable Chain

Lecture 23 Zigzag Cable Chain

Lecture 24 Interlaced Cable Chain

Section 7: Cretin Stitch

Lecture 25 Open Cretin Stitch

Lecture 26 Half Kutch Work

Section 8: Herringbone

Lecture 27 Herringbone Stitch

Lecture 28 Interlaced Herringbone Stitch

Lecture 29 Threaded Herringbone Stitch

Lecture 30 Tied Herringbone Stitch

Section 9: Chevron & Fern

Lecture 31 Chevron Stitch

Lecture 32 Fern Stitch

Section 10: Chained Feather & Wheatear Stitch

Lecture 33 Chained Feather Stitch

Lecture 34 Wheatear Stitch

Section 11: Feather

Lecture 35 Feather Stitch

Lecture 36 Double Feather Stitch

Lecture 37 Closed Feather Stitch

Section 12: Fly, Coral & Double Knot

Lecture 38 Fly Stitch

Lecture 39 Coral Stitch

Lecture 40 Double Knot Stitch

Section 13: Couched Work

Lecture 41 Couched Work

Section 14: Sample Works

Lecture 42 Sample Designs on Sarees and Blouse

Beginners who are interested to learn Hand Embroidery