Engineering Economic Analysis

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Engineering Economic Analysis

Donald G. Newnan, Ted G. Eschenbach, Jerome P. Lavelle, “Engineering Economic Analysis”
Oxford University Press, USA | 2004-02-26 | ISBN: 0195168070 | 624 pages | PDF | 34,7 MB

Now in a ninth edition, Engineering Economic Analysis offers comprehensive coverage of financial and economic decision-making for engineering projects, with an emphasis on problem solving, life cycle costs, and the time value of money. The spreadsheet material from the previous edition has been expanded, allowing students to create and analyze more realistic cash-flow models. The authors' concise, accessible writing style and practical emphasis make this text ideal for undergraduate engineering economy courses.

Features of the Ninth Edition
New pedagogical features include:
–Chapter-opening vignettes
–Chapter objectives
The interior design will improve readability, generate student interest, and facilitate comprehension of the material.
A new chapter has been added: Chapter 18, Accounting and Engineering Economy.
Chapter 10, Probability and Uncertainty, has been completely rewritten to emphasize how to make good choices by considering the uncertainty that is part of every engineering economy application.
Chapter 13, Replacement Analysis, has been rewritten to clarify the comparison of existing assets with newer alternatives.
Appendix 7A, Difficulties Solving for an Interest Rate, has been thoroughly revised to use the power of spreadsheets to solve problems.
End-of-chapter problems are reorganized and updated throughout.
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Enhanced Student Support
Packaged with every copy of the text:
Study Guide, by Edward Wheeler
CD featuring interactive ExcelRG spreadsheets and tutorials

Enhanced Instructor Support
CD containing exam files by Meenakshi Sundaram, ExcelRG spreadsheets, and PowerPointRG slides
Solutions Manual

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