English for Scientific Purposes

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English for Scientific Purposes

Nadezhda Riabtseva, "English for Scientific Purposes "
Nauka | 1999-01-01 | ISBN: 589349167X | 598 pages | Djvu | 14,4 MB

"English for Scientific Purposes" is a new type of reference book aimed at providing multifaceted support to non-English-speaking scientists in writing their papers in English. Compiled from extensive original sources, the book systematically presents a wide range of expressions, word combinations,
phrases, speech patterns and examples characteristic of the English academic style, allowing users to express their ideas clearly and in a simple straightforward way so as to form a unified whole - an abstract, report, article, review, or any other publication.
The book consists of two parts: the "Combinatory Dictionary of Scientific Usage" (some 5000 entries, and more than 30,000 expressions illustrated by literary examples) and the "Guide to Academic Writing", whose purpose is to promote an active linguistic competence in scientific English and to
apply it to generating one's own paper - as opposed to translating it, which requires professional linguistic skills. The book is intended for graduate students and scholars in all disciplines with reading skills in English, as well as for those engaged in teaching, studying, learning and practicing scientific
translation into English.

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