Excel for Mac 2016: Advanced Formatting Techniques

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Excel for Mac 2016: Advanced Formatting Techniques

Excel for Mac 2016: Advanced Formatting Techniques
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When it comes to Excel, appearances count. Get simple, powerful tips for making spreadsheet information more readable and understandable in Excel for Mac 2016. Dennis Taylor shows how to emphasize specific cells with fonts, borders, and color; adjust the positioning of cell contents; format numeric data quickly; use conditional formatting; and add style and readability to worksheets. You'll also learn how to add pictures to worksheets and discover power formatting techniques—such as shortcuts and a quick copy/paste technique—that take the drudgery out of formatting even the largest amounts of data.

Topics include:
  • Adjusting fonts, borders, and cell colors
  • Aligning text
  • Controlling numeric formatting
  • Building custom numeric and date formats
  • Creating value-based conditional formatting
  • Working with tables
  • Using styles and themes
  • Adjusting row, column, and sheet sizes
  • Outlining data
  • Adding and formatting images
  • Using specialized power formatting techniques