Fable II Signature Series Guide

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Fable II Signature Series Guide

Fable II Signature Series Guide
BRADY GAMES | October 13, 2008 | ISBN: 0744010497 | 256 pages | PDF | 31.5 MB

Good or Evil?

Answer the Call! Change the World!

Jump into a world where decisions have repercussions and your choices change the world. Save the innocents or kill them? Deliver the expensive weapon or keep it for yourself? These things matter and your choices will reshape the future of Albion!

Albion Atlas
Towns, Tombs, Caves, and Countrysides: Albion is filled with plenty of places for a Hero to relax, cavort, fight, and thrive, but there’s more to living than combat. Each town has its own economy and real estate. Complete listings of available Jobs and Pub Games in the region.

Every Hidden Item
Discover all the Gargoyles, Dig Spots, Dive Spots, Demon Doors, and Chests! They’re all clearly marked in the Atlas!

Complete Quest Guide
All Quests: An abundance of quests awaits your Hero’s attention and they’re all covered in detail. The strategy provided offers the best tips and tricks to finish every quest to your satisfaction and even indicates when a quest may not of interest to your Hero.

Good vs. Evil
Fable II allows you to choose your own path through the world. Our walkthrough provides a complete breakdown explaining the ramifications of your choices and how to follow the course you’ve selected.

Exclusive Foldout
More than a normal poster, this provides a complete list of all the Achievements that Fable II has to offer and how to get them. This isn’t just some listing! Strategy is provided for every Achievement!

And Much More!
* “Happily Ever After” Diary
* Item and Weapon Lists
* Developer Tips
* Expert Boss Strategy