Fast N' Snappy

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Fast N' Snappy

Pattie L. Schnetzler, "Fast N' Snappy"
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books | 2004-03 | ISBN 1575055392 | PDF | 40 pages | 6.8 MB

Kindergarten-Grade 3
Fast (an alligator) is a dedicated "Hop-to-It Express" rider and Snappy (a frog) is his faithful steed. President Blinkin gives them an important letter to deliver to the good citizens of Cactus Gulch, and they are soon on their way. Gila Joe and his band of desperado snakes try several stereotypical old-western-movie ploys to stop them. Luckily, the cavalry arrives just in time to save the day. The story and the bright acrylic cartoons are equally lighthearted and formulaic. The animal characters and desert backdrops are colorful and humorous. Schnetzler finishes off with a brief yet interesting history of the Pony Express. This silly spoof makes an entertaining teaser to open the door to the topic.

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