Felted crochet

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Felted crochet

Felted Crochet
Author: Jane Davis | Publisher: Krause Publications | 2005 | ISBN: 0873498879 | English | 113 pages | Jpg | 10 Mb

Felting brings crochet enthusiasts into an exciting new dimension of their hobby in Felted Crochet. This resource provides instructions for easily creating 30 beautiful accents for home and wardrobe.
Crocheters will learn techniques for experimenting with felted crochet, as well as discovering what works in felting crocheted items and what might be better for knitted projects. Step-by-step techniques, including 125 stunning color photos and illustrations, give beginners and experts details for creating purses, bags, blankets, pillows and more. This second-to-none resource brings an attitude of fun and creativity to any crochet project!


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