Flash CC 2013 New Features

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Flash CC 2013 New Features

Flash CC 2013 New Features
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Inquiring minds want to know what benefits them in each new release of Flash Professional CC. In this course, Anastasia McCune answers your most burning questions. Learn about the interface changes and performance improvements that come with this update, plus the new Code Editor, JSAPI improvements, and mobile testing enhancements.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud is updated on a regular basis. We will add more tutorials as features are added or changed, so check back often.

Topics include:
  • Distributing and swapping multiple symbols and bitmaps
  • Managing properties for multiple layers at once
  • Scaling content to predefined anchor points
  • Exporting video and animation
  • Working with the HTML5 Canvas document type
  • Using Cross-File Find and Replace
  • Testing and debugging on iOS