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Flip Into Your OMG YES Life: How to Get Out of Your Own Way, Step the Fuck Up, And Let Money and Success Flow!

Posted By: TiranaDok
Flip Into Your OMG YES Life: How to Get Out of Your Own Way, Step the Fuck Up, And Let Money and Success Flow!

Flip Into Your OMG YES Life: How to Get Out of Your Own Way, Step the Fuck Up, And Let Money and Success Flow! by Katrina Ruth
English | 2017 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0755VK1CF | 60 pages | EPUB | 0.14 Mb

I just had somebody make fun of me for how much money I make, and the fact that I could be growing so much faster. Specifically, what was said (with the person speaking in her words 'as' me):

"I think I'm making fabulous money…according to who? The poor little fucks on Facebook?”

This is somebody I trusted, who I thought was on my side, who maybe even thinks they ARE on my side and said this from some misguided place of wanting to support me, but ultimately?
This is an issue of miscommunication, because at no point did I EVER say I wanted money or any other form of payment for my art. In fact, I have pretty much said PRECISELY the opposite of that.

And here's the thing. And it's a thing which I've thought about many times, when I look at where I hold myself back and why I am NOT growing faster:
Alignment takes whatever it takes.
Of COURSE, I could push my income faster, the numbers of my followers, various other markers of success. Of course I could! Do more, push more.
But I've done that before, y'know? The whole put money first thing.
It ate me alive, from the inside out. And so, I walked away, at the time, from what was nearly a 7-figure online business. I deliberately STOPPED selling shit I wasn't FULLY aligned with, let debt and fear build, hit rock bottom financially, and ultimately as a result of that I walked INTO this current business and life.

Multiple 7-figures.
And growing, On my terms.
Sometimes, even now, I see areas where I'm not in alignment. Sometimes I even sabotage myself in those areas, allow them to have a hold over me, tell myself stories about why I can't yet deal with it or why I can't trust my gut.

I'm learning.
I'm trying.
I'm actively seeking to listen in better and better each day.
It's all we can EVER do. But one thing I know for sure is that never again will I CONSCIOUSLY put money before alignment, before purpose, before truth, before soul.
So here's the thing.
You can, if you want, make more MONEY or build your FOLLOWERS, or LAUNCH or SELL something, faster, more aggressively, and perhaps even with a better return than what you're seeing now. It's possible. I personally have ACTUALLY found that when you do try to do this, and it's not also in alignment, it backfires like a motherfucker. But in theory it's true.

But I guess the question is -
Would you want to?
Do you NEED to?
It's very lack-based, I think, to imagine that you NEED to push further and faster than what actually feels right. It's like saying that if you don't do it now! Right away! At once! All of it! You might -

Miss out?
On future opportunities?
On getting to where you want, need, are called to go?
I don't think so. Of course, I also get that this way of thinking CAN be a way of resisting, hiding out, playing small, telling yourself you're not ready yet when in fact you're just SHIRKING.

But that's the thing, isn't it?
In the end, the only person we TRULY have to answer to is ourselves. When your head hits the pillow at night you do NOT want to feel that you hid out on your dreams, and avoided doing the work, either inside or out.

But you also don't want to feel that you jumped off your path for a buck, do you?
The question is -
What IS the path you're meant to be on right now? Where is it you ultimately want to go?
It's not actually a daunting question, or a tough one to answer at all, because the truth is that all you EVER need(ed) to do?
In Flip Into Your OMG YES Life I cover:-
* Alignment Before Everything
* Maybe It’s Time to Just Do What You Love?
* Are You Missing Millions In Your Business?
* Flip Into Your OMG Life
* Get Out of Your Own Way, Step Back, Let the Money Come
* Ten Ways to Increase Expansion to Allow Massive Wealth
* Allow Yourself to Receive, Receive, Receive
* How to Believe In Yourself
* Love Sells, Fear Fells