Food Science (Food Science Texts)

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Food Science (Food Science Texts)

Food Science (Food Science Texts)
By Norman N. Potter

Publisher: Chapman & Hall | 624 pages | 1995-06 | ISBN: 0412064510 | PDF | 34.27 MB

Product Description:

This fifth edition has been updated to reflect recent changes in food science and food technology. This book should be of interest to students and professionals in food science and nutrition. Conceptually this book became a truly essential consult book and invaluable reference for all those involved in a real Food Engineering. In twenty four chapters Potter clasps the main themes concerned with this passionate science: conservation and processing foods through the heat, refrigeration. Dehydration and concentration of aliments. An invaluable guide and continuous learning process around the accurate temperature to preserve fruits, cereals, fishes, fruits, vegetables, beverages and all kind of meats. Go for this. It will be very helpful for Industrial and Chemical Engineers and obviously for Pre Grade students.
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