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Fusion 360 To Urdf

Posted By: ELK1nG
Fusion 360 To Urdf

Fusion 360 To Urdf
Published 8/2022
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Method To Convert CAD Model To URDF

What you'll learn
Clear URDF understanding with help of examples
Correct ways to convert fusion 360 model to urdf
Error related to fusion_2_urdf plugin as well methods to solve them
Methods to set up joint alignment correctly
Methods to assign proper weights in fusion to generate accurate inertia tag
In optional part, students will learn to correct urdf errors and visualize it in rviz
In optional part, students will learn to color the robot test its motion in gazebo
Fusion 360 need to pre-installed in laptop/pc
Basic Knowledge of 3d modeling and joint assembly in fusion 360
[optional part] ROS need to be setup properly in Ubuntu (Linux Operating System)
[optional part] basic knowledge of ROS (Robotics Operating System)
Overview :In this course, you will learn about urdf (unified robot description format) with help of examples and correct method to convert a fusion 360 CAD model to urdf using opensource fusion 360 plugins. You will learn to set correct assembly format to export robot model to urdf and also about some good practices like method to name model components, setting up robot axis as per ros urdf conversions. As well as you will understand the errors related to fusion2urdf plugin and their solution.This course is divided into 2 parts:Fusion 360 model to URDF:  You will learn to convert Fusion 360 model to urdf and stuff related to 3d model components, assembly joints etc.URDF ROS [Optional Parts]: These parts will be option and will be for those who fulfill the prerequisites. This part covers urdf ros related stuff.Course Flow :This course has used a practical approach of explanation. In this course will use different kind of robot model to explain the concepts. And throughout this course will use an AMR [autonomous mobile robot] and assemble it components in fusion 360 than assign mass to components and export it urdf model. In the optional part, we will build exported robot package in ros than will correct errors in urdf and visualize it in rviz. At the end will spawn the robot in gazebo simulator and will test robot motion using teleop ros package.What You Will Learn :Understanding of URDF. Understanding of assembly format in Fusion to export urdf.Creating Component from bodies such that no nested component is created.Methods to set joint alignments to zeros.Learnt about good practices to generated good urdf files.Assembly robot component without violating fusion2urdf plugin guidelines.Method to solve errors while exporting urdf.Method to assign weight and its importance in urdf inertia tag.[Optional part] build urdf ros pakages.[Optional part] correct error related to controller_manager ros interface while launch gazebo.[Optional part] correcting joint motion direction errors in urdf and visualizing it in rviz.[Option part] testing robot motion in gazebo as well correcting errors in it.


Section 1: 0. Understanding URDF

Lecture 1 0.1 What Is URDF?

Lecture 2 0.2 URDF Example 1

Lecture 3 0.3 URDF Example 2

Section 2: 1. Fusion 360 CAD Model To URDF

Lecture 4 Quick Tips

Lecture 5 1.1 installing fusion2urdf plugin in fusion 360

Lecture 6 Revise Concepts

Lecture 7 1.2 Design Assembly Format To Use Plugin

Lecture 8 1.3 Component From Bodies

Lecture 9 1.4 Method To Set Joint Alignment At Zero Degree

Lecture 10 1.5 Naming Convention

Lecture 11 1.6 Assembling Autonomous Mobile Robot

Lecture 12 1.7 Assigning Weight

Lecture 13 1.8 Setting Robot Axis As Per ROS URDF Convention

Lecture 14 1.9 Export Robot URDF Using fusion2urdf plugin

Lecture 15 1.10 Visualizing Exported Robot URDF

Lecture 16 1.11 Errors While Exporting URDF

Lecture 17 1.12 Visualizing Error 3

Section 3: 2. [Optional] Building Export URDF ROS Packages & Testing It in Gazebo Simulator

Lecture 18 2.1 Building Robot URDF ROS Pakage

Lecture 19 2.2 Correcting Errors In URDF

Lecture 20 2.3 Launching Robot Gazebo Simulation

Lecture 21 2.4 Coloring Robot Parts

Lecture 22 2.5 Moving Robot Using Teleop ROS Package

Lecture 23 2.6 Correcting Robot Motion

Anyone who want to convert CAD model to urdf,Anyone who want to learn about Robotics & URDF