HACKING: 2 Books in 1

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HACKING: 2 Books in 1

HACKING: 2 Books in 1: Hacking with Kali Linux & Computer Networking for Beginners. Practical Guide to Computer Network Hacking, Encryption, Cybersecurity, and Penetration Testing by Jason Callaway
English | April 24, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B087L4TG5R | 305 pages | EPUB | 1.13 Mb

If you are searching for the fastest way to learn the secrets of a professional hacker, then keep reading…

You are about to begin a journey into the deepest areas of the web, which will lead you to understand perfectly the most effective strategies to hack any system you want, even if you have zero experience and you are brand new to programming.
In this phenomenal bundle Jason Callaway has condensed everything you need in a simple and clear way, with practical examples, detailed explanations, tips and tricks from his experience.

Don’t forget that hacking is not necessarily associated to a criminal activity. In fact, ethical hacking is becoming one of the most requested and well-paid positions in every big company all around the world.

You will learn:
  • Different types of hacking attacks
  • How to crack any computer and any network system, accessing all the data you want
  • How to use Kali Linux for hacking and penetration testing
  • Little known cryptography techniques
  • Computer networks’ vulnerabilities and the basics of cybersecurity
  • How to identify suspicious signals and prevent any external attack. (You need to stay a step ahead of any criminal hacker, which is exactly where you will be after reading this book!)
  • Computer network communication systems and their powerful applications
  • The OSI reference model
  • A surprising insight on machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • And much much more

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