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Herbs For Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Posted By: ELK1nG
Herbs For Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Herbs For Cardiovascular & Heart Health
Published 10/2022
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Herbal Aides For Tonic & Acute Support

What you'll learn
Know general dosing guidelines
Know where to source quality herbs
Know which types of herbal remedies are available
Know the importance of diet in heart and cardiovascular health
Know herbs that are traditionally used for normalizing cholesterol
Know herbs that are traditionally used for normalizing blood pressure
Know herbs that are traditionally used to stop bleeding
Know herbs that are traditionally used to thin blood viscosity
Know an herb that has been used in emergency situations
Know herbs traditionally used to support heart health
Be interested in natural health and taking responsibility for your health.
The cardiovascular system has such an important job in the body - providing fuel and oxygen to all of the cells in the body and carrying away the waste products. When this system isn't working optimally, our overall health and vitality suffers. Thankfully, we have ways of supporting this vital system so that we can create wellness. There are many herbs that have traditionally been used to support the heart and cardiovascular system, and in this course we discuss some of the best ones. In this course we cover the basics, such as where to source quality herbs, the types of herbal remedies that are commonly used, general dosing guidelines for tonic use, and how dosing for acute issues is different. A section on the importance of a healthy diet is also included, as what we eat builds our foundation.Then we cover herbs that are traditionally used to normalize cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Next we go over herbs that have the ability to influence clotting, such as those used to slow or stop bleeding as well as those used to thin blood viscosity. A section on emergency heart care is included, and we end with a discussion on three superstar herbs for overall heart health that work as great tonics.At the end of this course, there is a downloadable Quick Guide PDF with notes from the entire course so that you can refer back to the information as often as you need!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Important Notes To Get Started

Lecture 2 Sourcing Quality Herbs

Lecture 3 Types Of Herbal Remedies

Lecture 4 General Dosing Guidelines

Section 3: Diet

Lecture 5 Diet

Section 4: Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

Lecture 6 Cholesterol

Lecture 7 Blood Pressure

Section 5: Bleeding & Emergency Care

Lecture 8 Bleeding

Lecture 9 Emergency Care

Section 6: General Heart Support & Herbal Tonics

Lecture 10 General Heart Support Herbs

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 11 Thank You!

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