Historical Dictionary of the European Union

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Historical Dictionary of the European Union

Aimee Kanner, “Historical Dictionary of the European Union”
The Scarecrow Press, Inc. | 2006-06-28 | ISBN: 0810853140 | 336 pages | PDF | 3,4 MB

The 1,000 up-to-date entries in this reference offer concise definitions and explanations on all aspects of the European Union. They explain the terminology surrounding the EU and outline the roles and significance of institutions, member countries, programs and policies, treaties and personalities. The reference provides clear and concise definitions, with entries including globalization, MERCOSUR, Treaty of Nice, Gerhard Schroder, OCAF - European Anti-Fraud Office, Gothenburg Summit, governance, and Jacques Chirac. The entries are arranged alphabetically and are fully cross-referenced and extensively indexed.

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