How To Grow Vegetables

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How To Grow Vegetables

How To Grow Vegetables
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Growing vegetables is a passion for vast numbers of people and this informative DVD is an essential accompaniment for the ever increasing number of gardeners who choose the edible garden as their passion. The DVD is filmed using organic methods that are widely regarded as the future for gardening and used to such great effect at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall where, alongside other gardens, much of the filming takes place. It contains information that is essential to both the novice and the experienced gardener, looking at growing methods for a wide range of crops and in some cases following them from seed packet to plate!

The DVD covers subjects such as site selection and issues of frost pockets and soil temperatures. It looks at how to achieve the most energy efficient and sustainable management of your vegetable garden through fertilisation and crop rotation. It also explores the devastating problems caused by pests and disease, showing how to spot the early signs and giving advice using tricks of the trade to rectify the problems. If you want to start growing your own vegetables or know some more tricks of the trade then this DVD is a must for you.

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How To Grow Vegetables

How To Grow Vegetables

How To Grow Vegetables

How To Grow Vegetables

How To Grow Vegetables

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