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How To Become An Earth Person, Aka Sustainability Specialist

Posted By: ELK1nG
How To Become An Earth Person, Aka Sustainability Specialist

How To Become An Earth Person, Aka Sustainability Specialist
Published 7/2022
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Interested in ESG / Sustainability Consulting as your Career Choice? Learn few tips and ideas from a CEO of an ESG firm.

What you'll learn
Learn what's sustainability and what's ESG? Why Does it Matter?
Understand the various approaches to sustainability consulting
Take a look at various career paths as an Employee
How is the future of ESG and Sustainability jobs?
Become a Global Citizen and an Earth Person
No experience needed. This is a beginner level course
"Sustainability" is a word that has to be used with caution. It could mean different things to different people. Context is the key. It is welcome in some parts of the world, while skeptics criticize it at few geographies. Organizations, Associations, Corporates and even Individuals are in different paths and are following different approaches when it comes to Sustainability. And these paths don't always converge.In the business world alone, there are 200+ ESG rating systems, 100+ Sustainability reporting standards, and Millions of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data points generated each second, which are then analyzed and interpreted to get useful information out of it. This is an art that no one has mastered it yet. A company's sustainability performance could be rated both High and Low at the same time and for the same parameter, depending on how it is measured and who measures it, hence making it a Field of Organized chaos. The demand for a Sustainability Specialist role is increasing at unimaginable rates, be it for a Freelancer or as an Employee, and you are most welcome to become one. The world needs you right now. Whether you are a beginner or someone with experience in this field, this course will give you an idea on what it's really all about. Are you ready to take up this challenge of making the world a better place for all forms of Life?. Then Come on in. In this course, you will Learn:1. What's sustainability and What's ESG? Why Does it Matter?2. Approaches to sustainability consulting.3. Career paths as an Employee.4. Future of ESG and Sustainability jobs.5. Becoming a Global Citizen and an Earth Person.


Section 1: Sustainability and ESG

Lecture 1 Sustainability and ESG

Section 2: Approaches to Sustainability Consulting

Lecture 2 Approaches to Sustainability

Section 3: Career Path as an Employee

Lecture 3 Career path as an Employee

Section 4: Future of ESG and Sustainability Jobs

Lecture 4 Future of ESG and Sustainability Jobs

Section 5: Become a Global Citizen and an Earth Person

Lecture 5 Becoming a Global Citizen and an Earth Person

Section 6: CV and Cover letter of a Sustainability Specialist

Lecture 6 My CV

Lecture 7 Cover Letter

ESG analysts, SDG enthusiasts, All those who love our Planet and want it to be Greener.